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Numerology Forecast for May: Success and Good Fortune Awaits

By Nam Hari Kaur

Oh happy day! A kinder and gentler season is now ours to explore and benefit by. The month of May brings new opportunities in nearly every area of life, and there is an element of good luck at play for those who keep an optimistic outlook.

We need to focus on bringing in the flow of our Positive Mind, which is the number 3, the overall number for 2019. Practicing any navel point yoga set or meditation will help you to link up with the higher benevolent forces that are presently circulating.

Not to dwell on the past, but we have just come out of an especially intense two month cycle, and we need to “shake it off” and create a new momentum. Bring into your diet healthy healing green foods, such as: salads, avocados, kale, swiss chard, kiwi fruit, and even green pistachios! Bless your food with a positive intention, a simple prayer like, “I bless my food and I bless myself with the light and love of the Heavens.”

The number 5 of May represents the themes of physical health, communication, emotional flexibility and tolerance. Number 5 also represents endurance, and as we are now better able to gain ground in our lives, it is important to consider how we may build our endurance on every level. This is an excellent time to create new habits for yourself that will sustain you in the days ahead. Whether you make a vow to do 26 frog poses before you walk out the door in the morning, or drink a glass of organic orange juice, you are building yourself and your self-sustaining psyche.

The idea of a self-sustaining psyche is not something that is usually taught in school, and if I ran the zoo, you better believe that would change overnight. Young people need to learn how to handle and care for themselves in good times as well as adversity. A more holistic approach in Health and Science classes would benefit our youth tremendously.

Something as simple as taking a hot bath with 4 pounds of Epsom salts added to the water and soaking for 30 minutes can relieve a lot of stress. Drinking a cup of chamomile tea after, and going to bed or taking a nap can decompress the emotional and mental bodies. Taking yourself “off the map” for a bit helps to avoid conflict from built-up tension. It is so very often that the simplest of things can save the day, and our young people need to learn this.

Forging further ahead, know that we have entered a 3 month linked cycle for the months of May, June, and July. New opportunities in the areas of love, enterprise, travel and self-awareness exist now. The month of July has 6 particularly good marriage dates, which are the 8th, 9th, 17th, 18th, 26th and 27th. Initiative energy on these dates will be highly favorable.

Number 5 is the Earth Element, and May is the month to get our physical body and personal belongings in good working order. Get that tune-up for your car, change the air filters in your home, and create a sense of balance and equilibrium in your surroundings.

This is a fix-it-up time! Looking further into our personal well-being, have you ever said to yourself, “I can’t,” or “I couldn’t?” This simple meditation, “Kriya to Get Rid of Your "Couldn't” takes away the “I couldn’t” from your life. Yogi Bhajan has said of this practice:

“Do you remember when you wanted to love and be with somebody and decided, “I couldn’t”? All the problems on this planet come from this “couldn’t.” We need to make our will so clean, clear, and positive that “couldn’t” does not touch our shores.”

Let’s get it together and really own this one, let’s make a vow to start in May and practice this for 40 days.

Kick that “couldn’t” curbside, and take your life on a new ride to fulfillment and creative potential. This is the high-octane gas, kiddos, and it will get you over a mountain pass that you may have been previously denied. No one wants to feel denied in their life; we all want the good stuff, and this can be part of your game plan to achieve a greater sense of personal satisfaction.

Okay, I haven’t mentioned a movie in a while, so here’s a good one. I would highly recommend seeing the film “Breakthrough,” which is in theaters now. It is the true story of a teenage boy who falls through the ice, is submerged underwater for 15 minutes, and then his body is recovered. After 45 minutes of revival techniques he still has no heartbeat, and is pronounced dead by the doctor.

That is until Mama Bear (his mother) shows up, and then everything changes. Every parent should see this film, as it shows the power of prayer and the projective psyche.

We are not far from creating a world where healing can happen through our Positive Mind and mental beaming. Prayer has been proven to work in scientific studies, and it is simply a matter of awareness and personal practice that can yield the best result.

Number 5 is change itself, and we all want a change right now. A change from the sameness of life, and a shift into our inherent sense of goodness and great possibilities.

May is the pivot point for change this year, the time to say, “I’m tired of the old ways, I can and will create something new for myself.” You can do this, as the higher powers are in alignment for your success and good fortune.

“May this day bring in you the change, so you can face the coming age with strength, with self loyalty, and with your own virtues. May Almighty God make you worthy of it.”
-Yogi Bhajan

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