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Numerology Forecast for May 2020: Time Line Shift—A Place of Possibility

By Nam Hari Kaur

In the month of May the feisty number 5 is at play, and we have a wild card line up of unfolding events to navigate. Number 5 represents the themes of freedom, change, the physical body, endurance, and flexibility.

Developing endurance on an emotional, spiritual and physical level is keynote at this time, as we are dealing with a maelstrom of uncertainty within nearly every domain of leadership in the world. Looking outside of yourself for emotional security is yesterday’s daydream, and everyone is struggling to find the “new normal” within their own personal landscape.

Number 5 also embodies the theme of communication and our need to be heard and validated in some way. Because of the global pandemic we are reaching out and finding new ways to communicate and stay connected. This is essential, as the isolation people are feeling is one of the worst fallouts of this event.

I have an idea for you that might at first seem trivial, but is not. I am suggesting that you start a relationship with a specific Guardian Angel, and deem this Angel as your “Pen Pal.”

Yes, remember when you were a child you might have had a Pen Pal that you would write to and share what was going on in your life—the up’s and the down’s, and your dreams for the future.

In a quiet moment, sit at your desk, kitchen table, or wherever, and write with pen and paper how you are feeling. Let It Out! Your dialogue might be something like this:

Saint Germaine,

I am feeling so lost and sad right now, would you please pray for me and send me your love and guidance. I am doing the best I can, I just planted a few seeds in the backyard so I can feel like I can make good things happen again, and life is growing.

Please help my children to adjust and take their vitamins, and go outside and play in the yard more.

Would you please round-up some of the other Angels where you are and create a healing choir of light and love to dispel the illness from the planet.

Okay, I’ll be in touch next week.


Your prayerful child

Make it real for you—the good, the bad, the ugly—whatever it is, get it off your chest and out of your heart. I would recommend this at least once a week, but it could certainly be more often as needed. And many more words as necessary!

Part of what is difficult for people now is the fact that we as a humanity have literally jumped Time Lines. I am not one of those “Woo-Woo” type spiritualists who is checking out the latest podcast of someone who is channeling Leprechauns from the lost city of Atlantis. (Because everyone knows there were no Leprechauns back then, only Unicorns.)

My point is, for the entire global reality to shift so dramatically within a one month period would be the sign of a Time Line shift.

A Time Line shift in and of itself is neither good nor bad, it just is. We are challenged by having to deal with an alternate reality that feels like a really bad science fiction movie, and someone has lost the remote control. There’s no going back to exactly the way things were before, and this is creating anxiety in the collective psyche.

Thank God for yoga and meditation, as we can release that which does not serve our higher purpose, and gain strength for our new intentions.

I am going to suggest to you this month the “Get Stable—Anywhere!” kriya. It is exceptionally simple and can be taught to children as well. One of the keynote underlying themes of this time is, “teach your children how to maintain themselves in a challenging time.” This meditation has the power to, “help you find answers under abnormal, stressful conditions where nothing seems to make sense.”

I am reminded of the old Crosby Stills & Nash song, “Teach Your Children,” where Graham Nash sings, “And teach your children well, their father’s Hell did slowly go by. And feed them on your dreams, the one they picked, the one you’ll know by.”

A new attitude and aptitude needs to be developed within ourselves so we may align with the higher ethereal forces which are there to guide and protect us. I know it may feel at times as if humanity has been abandoned by the creative grace of the Universe, yet nothing could be further from the truth.

We are in a global “Re-set,” a time where we are being forced to pause and look at everything in a new light. This is imperative, as our previous trajectory would have seriously burned up the resources on planet Earth in another 10 years. And that’s a science fiction movie you never want to be trapped in.

So, let’s collectively re-set our psyche to a place of possibility, where we have a sustainable future for humanity. It begins by securing ourselves and our children in the trust and knowing that this can ultimately play out for the well-being of all.

The Heavens are with you and for you, the Unknown can be your friend and ally, and your prayers are the joy of the Angels to fulfill. Sat Nam, and love to you.

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