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Numerology Forecast for May 2015: The Power of the Meditative Mind

By Nam Hari Kaur

We all want a change, and change is in the air. The month of May will bring swift and powerful changes to our planet Earth, as well as our personal lives.

The Earth Element

The number 5 represents the Earth Element, and the need to stay grounded amidst the fluctuations in our environments and people’s behavior.

The recent earthquake in Nepal has had a massive ripple effect in the psyche of humanity. I also want to pause for a moment to say that I am not predicting more devastating earthquakes around the world. They are a part of nature which we have no control over, and that fear factor is what has been stirred up in the collective consciousness. Nobody in our modern world likes to feel as if anything could get too terribly out of control, and yet, sometimes it does.

Where do we have control? Let’s take a moment to go over a few bare essentials to have on hand. For every person in your household you need:

10 gallons water

5 boxes Kind Bars (or similar, twelve bars to a box)

1 large bag pet food (dog, cat, etc.)

1 small emergency medical kit (available at any drugstore)

Yes, the list could go on and on, but most people’s brains turn off once the list gets too long. If you have this, you and your little friend will live.

Okay, now back to your previously scheduled Numerology forecast.

Freedom and Movement

The number 5 of May represents the themes of freedom, adventure, and an almost cavalier attitude towards restraint and logic. “I’ll figure it out as it unfolds,” will be a common sentiment in people’s hearts. Number 5 brings a sense of urgency to all that has been held back for too long.

Many people will be changing jobs, moving to a new location, or reinventing themselves in their present environment. We are now feeling intolerant towards the perceived prison of “putting up with,” or “bearing the burden,” of anything that has been going on in our lives for too long.

Communication will be a huge issue this month, and it will be both surprising and revealing as to what words come flying out of people’s mouths. This can be a good thing, as in the case of someone no longer bearing the burden of the dark family secret. You can be liberated from your silent restraint at this time.

Where things could get scratchy is when someone does not have the emotional or verbal skill set to communicate effectively. There will also be the tendency for a situation to become violent if the other person is not feeling validated in their view or perspective. Look towards diffusing a potentially combustable scenario by saying something like, “You’ve got a really good point there, and I’d like to revisit this with you once I’ve had some time to think over everything you’ve said. Thank you for your patience, it means a lot right now.” This type of response can help neutralize a situation before it gets out of control.

Developing a Meditative MInd

Important Note: I have been very fortunate to attend many of the Women’s Camps where Yogi Bhajan would teach the art and science of being a woman. He would give examples of how to communicate effectively, and the importance of having dignity, grace, and manners. He also gave examples of situations where you need to just pick yourself up and leave the room or house. Develop your meditative mind and intuition to best maneuver through either situation.

Yogi Bhajan also took time to speak with the men in his Man to Man courses. I have read some of the transcripts, and in the “Sex and Sexuality” series there is a lecture called, “The Arc Line: The Real Strength of the Man.” In this lecture he tells a fascinating story from his days in India, where he was a Customs Officer. All ran very smoothly in his territory, and because of this Yogi Bhajan was consulted to help solve a situation with a criminal that always eluded any efforts to catch him. Whenever there was word of his whereabouts, officers were sent out to get him, and he would disappear in the nick of time.

Yogi Bhajan said, “The guy has a very powerful meditative mind and he is sensitive to all the dangers. Any time we focus on him, he automatically focuses on us and leaves the city before we can engage him.”

This is the power of your meditative mind my Dear Ones. You can always know ahead of the curve, and avoid potential danger. Dedicate part of your day to your spiritual practice, as it is truly your best friend at this time.

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