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Numerology Forecast for March 2018: A Unified Creative Psyche for the Good of All

By Nam Hari Kaur

The month of March brings heavy winds of change to the planet, along with just enough of a softer side to ease the flow. The number 3 is one of the more emotional numbers—when it’s up, it’s really up, bringing positive momentum and creativity to every facet of life. However, when it goes negative, watch out. The emotions of worry, anger, and worst case scenario—destructive rage, are all part of the mix for March.

We must be proactive for our higher self at this time. An extra vigilance is required so one does not slip into self-doubt or depression. Let’s take a look at a short list of things to do for our elevation and excellence.

Food is number one on the list, and many people will be drawn towards comfort foods as a way of coping with stress. Go out and get that pint of Coconut Chocolate Chip ice cream, and at the same time pick up some organic celery stalks and creamy almond butter, creating the perfect healthy snack companions.

“Mix it Up and Balance it Out,” is the tap dance tempo for March, as it will be difficult to keep entirely between the lines in any area of life. The reason for this is in the appearance of the number 5 in the Base calculation, and 5 is impulsive, frisky, and hates to be told what to do, especially by authority figures.

The “I wanna shake things up!” energy of number 5 will be waking people up, and motivating them to communicate new ideas for change. There is an “energy upgrade” in the air, as winds of awakening move through our collective intelligence. At the same time, it will be pushing people who are imbalanced into bad behavior, and we will again be seeing this in the headlines.

We can only change ourselves, and work with others who have a similar mind-set and passion for conscious good. The blessing of March is in the Heart number, which is a 12; the number of tribes and collective creativity. The solution of the day, the hour, the moment, and all present time and space unfolding is our unified creative psyche for the good of All. That’s the magic bullet that can kill the divisiveness, the greed, and the need to dominate and control.

It is truly an epic drama that will be playing itself out at this time, and it is additionally important to know that this is all a segue to better things further down the line. There has been an underlying complacency in this country, and compared to much of the world, we’ve had it overall pretty darn good here. Now, that seems to be changing, as you can no longer send your child to school with a feeling of calm and security that existed 20 years ago. We need a better plan for our kids, and this will be front and center in March.

Swinging back around to health and vitality, get your Spring cleaning jacket on, cause it’s time to clean house both literally and figuratively. Part of the frustration that will be affecting us is the belief that we are being trapped or restricted by a family member, job, or life circumstance. Clearing the physical living space around you by cleaning, shifting the furniture, cleaning windows, bringing bright colors into rooms through pictures or a large poster will all help to create a sense of personal power.

Then you need to work on the inside as well! The Transformer number, which is what can transform the trapped sensation into freedom, is the number 8. This is the moment where we must fix that which is broken inside ourselves. Use your breath and invigorate your Pranic Body with the Adjust Your Flow: The Four U’s,” kriya.  It is specifically for “setting the nervous system to withstand the pressures of society and challenging times.”

Coming back to the theme of creativity for the number 3, it will be a powerful act of self-love to create a “Rite of Passage” for yourself. Similar to the native American Indians, you can conjure a way to challenge yourself on a physical, mental, and spiritual level. This might consist of taking a Saturday to fast on lemon water mixed with honey and a dash of cayenne to cleanse the liver.

Then look around your home and see where to best dedicate a space that might provide “my prayer space, my source of well being.” Work with color, fabric, pillows, pictures, music, rose quartz or amethyst, and create a cozy haven of love and nurturing.                                                                                                              

On Sunday head out to nature for a strenuous hike or mountain bike trek. Do something where you are really exerting yourself, sweating out the old stuff. Come back home and watch an inspirational movie or podcast. Whatever you choose, keep it real for you.  Tell yourself, “I now know my higher instincts, I am safe and protected.”

By the way, if you have children, wouldn’t it be great to teach them how to re-balance and inspire themselves? How to tap into their core strength and spirit no matter what is going on in the world outside? How to have such a sense of personal resource and self-solvency that nothing can shake them? Yes, that’s the new graduation present.     

The time is now and now is the time to re-set yourself for this fantastic year of 2018, as the intensity of the number 11 reconfigures the electro-magnetic field of planet Earth.

Yes, the frequency of the planet is changing by measurable science, as well as by our human experience. Let’s take that 3 energy and self-nurture, create, and expand our positive awareness in rhythm with the pulse of Infinity. It’s a good thing—allow the breath of life to bring Love and Blessings to you. Sat Nam.

“Some of you think that status-- money, wealth, friends and relationships—all that can work it out. My friends, it is not true. If your tire bursts, you can go on; but if the axle breaks, there is no car which can make it to the destination.”
-Yogi Bhajan

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