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Numerology Forecast for June 2014: Stabilization, Simplicity, and Sacredness

By Nam Hari Kaur

The month of June gives us an environment that lends itself to consolidation, focus, and a steady hand on the tiller of our life’s journey. The previous month of May was more tumultuous than anyone had bargained for, and we now need to stabilize and create a balance in our lives that can carry us through the remainder of the year.

I Didn’t Think Things Would Turn Out This Way

Within the scope of the collective consciousness, we are all experiencing a dimension of, “I didn’t think things would turn out this way, what happened?” The Soul searching “what happened?” part of the question is causing us to explore our expectations of ourselves and others, while at the same time figuring out a better personal code to live by. We just don’t want to be going through the same old crap again, and the best way to avoid this is by shifting our awareness in relation to how we set things in motion.

The number 6 of June gives us the opportunity to become more sensitive to our emotional needs, and how we typically try to fulfill them. Where our previous habits are no longer serving us, that’s where we’ll feel the pinch. The number 6 encompasses the themes of protection, love, purity, justice and fair play. Many people will be feeling acutely sensitive to what their portion of the divided goods should look like, and if you’re not cutting the pie just right, you may hear, “Hey, you got the bigger half!”

Personal Boundaries

This is because the number 6 of June in 2014 is creating a “line in the sand” mentality in relation to our personal boundaries, and the effort it takes to manifest things in the material world. This may be a difficult month for negotiations, as there will be the tendency for people to think, “I can’t believe it, it’s just so obvious how unfair they are!” Progress will best be made by offer and counter-offer, till an acceptable middle ground is realized.

The good news of June is that the Heart number is 11, which will have us all looking for the next level of inspiration. “I want to feel passionate about my life again!” will be a very common thread in the collective psyche. Whether through travel, new relationships, or anything “outside the box,” there is an electrical sense of urgency to get on with life, and not feel left out.

Tantric Har

We are all presently very tired of: half-way, so-so, not quite good enough. There is a stronger sense of self-resolve in our awareness of what we need to do in order to break free of the monotonous spin cycle of sameness. This requires an intention of precision and perseverance, and one of the best ways you can enhance your precision is through the “Tantric Har” mantra. We need something relatively simple now, a technique we can stick with every day. Eleven minutes of chanting this mantra will keep you from making the same repetitive mistakes.

Over and Over till You Get it Right

An odd aspect of June is that situations will keep repeating themselves, till we get it right. A bit like one of the TV classic Twilight Zone episodes, where a young married couple are traveling and they stop at a small town cafe for lunch. Then they get in the car to leave the town. Every time they drive away trying to leave, they mysteriously end up at the same little cafe. This is because they didn’t practice the Tantric Har mantra. Don’t let this happen to you.

Any pattern of co-dependent behavior that continues beyond June will keep you in a “short loop” of monotony, and burn up all your creative juices. Disengaging from the repetitive pattern can save you from wasting the next 6 months of your life eating the same cold soup at the Twilight Zone Cafe. Get the picture?

Simplicity is the keynote theme for now, the more you can relax and allow things to work out, while holding a space of prayer, the better off you will be.  You can remind yourself to “Keep it simple, keep it sacred.”

Remember to enjoy life. That’s actually what we are all really here for. In the words of Yogi Bhajan:

“We are simple, living, human beings and we should watch our living, and hear our inner sound which is pure love, pure life, pure existence.”11-24-90

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