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Numerology Forecast for January 2019: Changing the Channel

By Nam Hari Kaur

The year of 2019 sparks our creative intelligence to shift into a new dimension of expansion and awareness. The overall number for this year is a 3, and number 3 embodies the themes of happiness, creativity, new connections, and a positive “can do!” spirit.

“If I don’t see a way, I will create one,” could be the theme of this year.

With the passing of 2018 we have graduated as a humanity, similar to an 18-year-old graduating from high school. When you are 18 you can now drive, drink alcohol, be independent, and participate in the world with new adult freedoms.

As a step on the evolutionary ladder, you are now granted greater freedom in your personal expression and life choices. Congratulations, you have just graduated from “Earth High,” so grab your diploma and get going!

The month of January is all about new beginnings, and it really kicks off with the Solar Eclipse on January 5th. There is a power point here, an initiation frequency, and a pivotal awakening for those who choose to tune into this. You will be getting a lead into what your next step is on your personal journey.

A part of your ability to tune into this new lead, is in the shattering of an old illusion you have about yourself. The “Who me, capable of that?” tripwire needs to be cut and removed. The new script is: Yes you, nobody but you, and you every time; Ready and Worthy.

The number 1 of January nearly demands of us (in a good way!) that we step up to the plate and partake of the new adventure. This is your time, don’t blink and let it slip by.

Whatever you initiate, you want it to be in alignment with who you really are. No more paying homage to someone else’s personal agenda. That is so 2018. Now, in a new light, you are granted a golden key for safe passage to new opportunities.

The “Relate to you own Essence” meditation is how you can know you are staying on track. Amazingly, this kriya can only be practiced for 3 repetitions, taking about one and a half minutes of your time. Yes, only that much, by the words of the Master.

You know you’ve got one and a half minutes to help yourself, so no excuses here! Furthermore, Yogi Bhajan has said of this meditation, that you will: “Realize in the land of God, the hand of God works."

Isn’t this what we all truly want? Aren’t you just so very damn tired of the let-downs and mess-ups of life? Picking the wrong people, and then wondering why you feel so disappointed?

Let the hand of God, the creative will of the Universe, back you up and guide you. Then you are stellar no matter what the weather. You got your own sunshine, online all the time.

The initiative energy of January is as much internal as it can be external. The Heart number for this month is an 11, and number 11 in the Heart longs for spiritual connectivity—connectivity in the sense of our relationships, as well as the connection to new goals. One of the ways you can lead yourself into knowing what is right for you, is by asking yourself, ”What made me happy as a child?”

As simple as this sounds, this is actually a very powerful way to connect with your original spirit and core essence. We are closer to just coming from source energy as children, closer to what our original plan was before streaming onto planet Earth.

Know that you have the power to change the channel if you don’t like what you have been seeing or experiencing. Also, know how to protect yourself in these times, as the ethics and poor boundaries of others could hurt you.

As an example of this, I will share one of my personal boundary techniques. Anyone who reads these forecasts knows that I am a huge fan of film. When you go to the movie theater there are typically about ten minutes of trailer previews for other films. Tragically, many of the movies produced these days are of a shocking or disturbing nature, and the movie trailers are engineered in a way to shock and disturb you. It is a strange science.

Having said that, I now wait outside the movie theater till the trailers are over, and proceed to my seat once the film has begun. Once I actually complained to the manager about the toxic movie trailer, and then I realized, “At present, this is a battle you cannot win.”

So I changed my strategy so I could navigate the world better, and still enjoy life. This is part and parcel of 2019 my friends, adjust and adapt where you need to, and don’t go head-to-head with forces that are set in cement.

We are a part of a much larger arc of human evolution, and it is not always easy to be at the head of the pack. Have patience, as our positive presence will be the tipping point over time for the best possible result.

Take a stand for you, keep yourself together, choose your battles wisely, and know that the Heavens have got your back every step of the way. Kind Blessings, and Sat Nam.

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