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Numerology Forecast for February: Relationship Boundaries

By Nam Hari Kaur

The month of February 2018 provides us with our first real emotional test of the year. The number 2 represents boundaries, relationships, and the ability to recognize the potential hidden danger. Without sounding too overly dramatic, yes, there is a danger in the sense that you could misread a situation and find yourself thinking, “How in the world did I let this happen again to me?”

The good news is that you don’t have to let yourself make the same slip-up; you can catch yourself just in time. The first step to recognizing the pattern of self-defeat is to ask the question, “Where am I expecting or hoping that someone else will cover my inability to come through for myself?”

Right there, that’s your point of vulnerability. And once someone has you on their hook of control and emotional leverage, it’s a “Slow Hell” of time and space unfolding.

Something I have heard people say about me is, “She doesn’t sugar-coat things.” That’s right kids, there’s no sugar-coating in this package of reality nuggets. It’s a lively mix of cayenne crunchies along with a dash of turmeric toasties--all for your good health and well-being.

The number 2 of February requires us to smarten-up in relation to our commitments and boundaries for the year. Don’t lock-in at this time to anything you aren’t 100% sure you can carry for the duration. Because of the emotional intensity of 2018, many people will be feeling the need to lighten the load of their burdens, and look for someone else to carry it for them. Don’t let yourself be the victim of someone else’s I.D., or what I call “Inappropriate Dumping.”

Going way Old School for the musical reference this month, there’s a brilliant song by The Band called, “The Weight.” In the song Levon Helm sings, “Take a load off, Fanny. Take a load for free. Take a load off Fanny, and you put the load right on me.” Fascinatingly, the entire song is about boundaries and relationships, and if you care to check out the lyrics, here is the link. You can also listen to the song.

Number 2 has a protective quality to it, and there needs to be a very specific protective dialect to our language this month. Do not hesitate to speak up for yourself and say, “I really need a little more time to consider what you’ve said. Let me get back to you about this next week.” Give yourself time and space, because someone else’s anxiety or insistence may not allow you any breathing room at all.

This is the Negative polarity of the number 2, which is: needy, insistent, and nearly childish in its sense of personal importance. Ever hear the expression in child development, “the terrible two’s”? Yep, it can get that bad with adults as well.

Looking further into the Land of Drama for February, know that some folks so desperately hate to feel left out, they will go to any extreme to be recognized. Decades ago I worked and lived on a farm located in a small town along the coast of Maine. One evening at dinner the owner of the farm told the story of an unusual rash of fires that had been occurring over the summer. The fire would always start in the barn, and would always be on a weekend. A police detective was called in from a nearby city to investigate the fire scene, and he recognized a pattern, a specific trail.

The trail was in a set of tire tread “footprints” that were present near where the fire had started. They traced the tread marks to the truck of a young man who had recently moved to the town, and was bored and lonely.

Never underestimate the power of someone else’s desperation if left unchecked. Know that people leave their energetic “tracks” in many ways.

The point of this story is to invoke an awareness in your self-sensory system, so your Subtle Body can notice the energetic track before the barn burns down. Likely in your world it will not be a barn, however, it could be your reputation, your self-respect, or the well-being of someone you care for that gets affected.

The Gift number for 2018 is a 9, and number 9 is the realm of our subtlety and sensitivity to ourselves and the environments. Consciously tap into this energy; it is available to help support and guide you throughout the year. You don’t have to be anyone’s victim, and your insurance policy rests in your intuitive awareness.

This is a good time, an excellent time, to be studying for your Spiritual Ph.D. Yes, if anyone asks you what you’ve been up to, just say, “I’m studying for my Spiritual Ph.D. Got my mantras, movies, and music; yeah, it’s going well!”

Nine is the number of mastery, and self-mastery is the most precious gift there is. Why so? Because through self-mastery you end the cycle of suffering, and can bring light to another person’s life. Then they may awaken as well.

In the words of Yogi Bhajan;

“Once you can straighten yourself and become I, the pure I, everything comes to you. It is that hypnotic, electromagnetic psyche of yours that can attract everything. Your presence can work.”

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