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Numerology Forecast for February 2015

Relationship Illusions: Re-Align Towards the Divine

By Nam Hari Kaur

The month of February brings a time of looking at the relationships in our lives, and deciding what direction to take. The number 2 (February) represents relationships, and this includes the relationship we have with our own Soul and higher self. As we look at the people closest to us we will be considering where our boundaries need to be adjusted, as well as what is just no longer working.

We are all tired of the false promises that leave us feeling half way to nowhere and having not enough of anything. Yuck.

This month bears witness to the illusions we have regarding relationships, and the potential unraveling of those cherished illusions. In any area of our lives where we feel unrecognized or unappreciated, that’s where the pinch will be felt.

February challenges us to re-set our priorities, and the “re-set point” is directly aligned with our self-esteem. If you have a repeating pattern of attracting people in your life who always seem to favor someone else over you (“Why does this always happen to me?), this is the month where you just won’t be having it anymore.

We all go through times when that which is familiar gets torn away through circumstance or choice. Starting over again can be difficult, and it is helpful to have a positive point of reference, a guiding star, so we don’t lose our way navigating the new terrain.

In 1990 I went through a heart-breaking divorce, and I knew that I had to get out of town in order to survive. If it didn’t fit into the back of a Subaru station wagon it wasn’t going to cross the Texas border, as I drove myself from Houston to Espanola, New Mexico in 24 hours. When it’s over, it’s over.

Arriving in Espanola, I felt as if I had been dropped on the far side of Mars with only a bag of pistachio nuts and a flashlight. “Good luck, and we’ll be in touch,” I could hear the Heavenly Heralds saying. Between the culture and climate shock I was like a fish out of water.

I knew that I would immediately need to get busy with things that made me happy, or I was looking at a long, hard winter. Fortunately nature is my joy, so every weekend I was up in the Sangre De Cristo mountains, all by myself, hiking far into the crisp mountain air and timberline. I sweated, strained, and pushed out of myself all the anger, disappointment and frustration that I had experienced in a relationship that had ended.

After my mountain adventure I would often drive back through Santa Fe and stop for a well-deserved cup of tea or coffee. Keeping in tune with my new mountain woman persona, I would glance at the outdoor activity magazines they had at the cafe.

On the cover of one mountaineering magazine was a sheer cliff, with the caption, “When in doubt, go higher.” I grabbed that magazine, took it home, and then tore off the cover and pasted it on the wall. Every time I felt bad I would look at that cliff as if it were a mandala, and say to myself, “When in doubt, go higher.”

Then, after 3 years of this purification process (along with yoga and meditation), I started studying Numerology at the feet of the Master, Yogi Bhajan. What originally seemed like the end of the world, (I’ll never be happy again, it’s all over for me), was actually the turning point to a far greater level of achievement and service, which would not have been possible in the previous environment.

Who’s running the show? There is a Universal higher intelligence that is available to us, and if we choose to align ourselves with this power, all things are possible.

Now is the time to “Re-align towards the Divine.” You can’t have the new, shiny you without some effort, and this effort will allow you to elevate yourself to a higher dimensional frequency where your spiritual Soul mates dwell. See you there!

“Don’t worry, because you make yourself small by worrying, by being afraid. Expand, trust in the Infinity of God. The Infinity of God shall come through you.”
-Yogi Bhajan 9-21-91

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