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Numerology Forecast for February 2014: On Overwhelm? Visualize More

By Nam Hari Kaur

The Overwhelm

The month of February is a time of sorting out and restoring our personal boundaries. Because of the increasing intensity of unfolding events on planet Earth, many people are feeling overwhelmed and frustrated. The pressure of this frustration is playing itself out in the area of our relationships, which is having many people feeling, “You’ve pushed me too far!”

We need to adopt a more minimalist attitude at this time, shifting our focus from consuming and consumerism, to a place of self-containment. In our current social climate many of us are “Prisoners of More.” We perpetually need more stuff, stimulation, and assorted paraphernalia to feel distracted from what is really going on internally. This is making us a very sick culture and society, and yet there is still a way for us all to be well again.

Who Will Always be there for You?

The number 2 of February represents issues of healthy boundaries, balance, and establishing a link with a higher source of energy. One of the worst things you can ever say to someone is, “I’ll always be there for you.” Believe me, somehow things will eventually get messed up. This is just how it rolls on planet Earth. However, there actually still is someone who will always be there for you, they’re just on a higher ethereal plane. Whether it’s Guru Ram Das, Jesus, or Archangel Gabriel, these are the guys who will always be there for you. (Okay, Mother Mary and Quan Yin too!). We are now being very personally challenged to create a relationship with the One who will never leave us, and this, my friends, only exists on the ethereal level. Everything else is the transitory experience of the Earth.

This is a very difficult year to be alone, and the “inner emptiness” that Yogi Bhajan spoke of for these times is devouring people left and right. It is quickly turning into a scenario of “meditation or medication,” as we are all being pushed and pulled by the energetic shifts on the planet. This includes the Water Element going berserk, which is another unfolding drama.

Be a “Visioner of More”

Of course, the really good news in our Hell and high water drama is that as we are being pressed to find a greater answer to our individual needs; we are meeting new people along the pathway to the higher ground. And this is exactly where we can break free of being a prisoner of the past, transforming ourselves into a “Visioner of More.” Having more coziness, connectivity, and camaraderie is what everyone really wants to experience.

Part of what allows us the ability to perceive new possibilities, is being driven out of our present comfort zone, which is what 2014 is all about. The Gift number of this year is a 5 (1+4=5), and number 5 is the wild card number. Make a plan, and then watch everything change.

The antidote to becoming very upset when your 6 month plan doesn’t work out is to have a smaller and more flexible plan in line. Leave room for adjustments and create “pause spaces” in the flow of your timing. This can save your nervous system, as well as your life. The month of January cost many people their lives in car accidents during the heavy snows in the Mid-West and North Eastern United States. There was a particularly gruesome accident in Indiana, involving semi-trucks and 40 cars, shutting down the entire highway. When will we get to the point as a humanity where we can say, “Okay, everyone stay home today and be safe.”?

The Self-Sensory Human

You must allow yourself the spiritual authority to know what the right decision is for your well-being. You are not being “good” or “responsible” by ignoring the negative gut reaction you are having as you pick up the car keys to head out the door into 3 feet of snow, ice, etc. The paperwork at the office can wait till tomorrow.

And this is how it is going to roll for much of this year. Yogi Bhajan has spoken of the “Self Sensory” human being. This is a higher octave of the human experience where we are able to calculate and compute the ramifications of our actions and interactions within the scope of any given environment. We need to begin to more diligently and lovingly engage ourselves in this practice of self-awareness. Then our path of life is protected and plentiful.

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