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Numerology Forecast for December & 2022 Preview

By Nam Hari

Fasten your seat belts, because we have a lot to go over for the month of December and 2022 prep-preview!

Let’s look at the easy stuff first, and that would be the need to relax and rejoice over the Holiday season. A definitive time-out is necessary after the full moon on Dec.18th, as our mental equilibrium is going through a total overhaul and re-set. The higher Heavenly forces are there to support you in a decompress-reset of body, mind and spirit so that you may most effectively enter the new energy paradigm of 2022.

We have double 3’s in the Heart calculation this month (Heart is month of 12 = 3 + Gift of 21 = 3), and these double 3’s will be stirring up our emotions. We will have the opportunity to recognize where we have been fooling ourselves in regards to others and our expectations and fantasies of them, and get a reality boost as to what is probable and what is highly unlikely. This can be a real gift, as it will free up energy that has the potential to foster greener pastures.

We are sometimes drawn into situations because of childhood programing or past life karma, and December is the time to break the damn cycle of, “Why does this always happen to me, I’m a good person?” You are a good person, and there is a way out with a little effort. Want to know the way out? We’ll get to that a bit later in the forecast, and don’t worry, I’ve got your back on this.

Up until the 18th is a time to clear the deck of all lingering responsibilities, communication gaps (i.e. things left unsaid between you and another), and anything of a mechanical nature, like the fan belt on your car or the leaking dishwasher in the kitchen.

Part of the reason for this is that people will be feeling very checked-out or unavailable after the 18th. An underlying sense of, “I’ve done my work for the year, now leave me alone,” will prevail in the human unconscious. And yes, we do need this time-out, as it is in part a deep-dive into a place of coziness, safety, and security that our overall psyche needs in order to fortify us for the year ahead.

2022 Preview

Now for 2022! The new year is going to take off like a lightning bolt spun from a tornado, and the swiftness of this new energy field is going to have a dizzying effect on people’s minds. So, first off, do not be in a hurry or allow anyone to try and accelerate you physically, mentally or spiritually. In a nutshell, do not let the steam coming out of someone else’s ear fog up your glasses and affect your vision.

Perfect example: You are approaching a traffic light to make a left turn, the light turns yellow, and as you slow down, the driver behind you starts blaring his horn. You feel pressured to try and “go for it!’ and make the turn, but something in your gut says, “No, bad idea.” Listen to that gut instinct; stick to your guns and err on the side of safety.

The number 6 of 2022 represents the themes of protection, family, love, justice, fair play, and...the immune system. All of these things will be challenged throughout the year, so you need to have a heightened awareness as you move through the world.

Your Friend, the Arc LIne

It’s not “Beware;” it’s “Be aware.” Your awareness, which is enhanced by the strength of your Arc Line, is your best friend and ally. The Arc Line, a bandwidth of light that crosses the forehead in an arc from ear lobe to ear lobe, is your protective shield against negativity in the world. A strong Arc Line will give you an immediate read of the environments as well as what another person’s intentions are towards you.

Similar to a 3-way light bulb (30-70-110 watts), some people’s Arc Lines are stronger than others. We are naturally drawn to people who have a brightness about them, and a strong Arc Line creates a magnetism that attracts opportunities. We want the opportunities, protection, and higher love in 2022, so let’s look at how to get it for ourselves.

1. Respect yourself. Self-respect creates a protective aura that automatically registers in the unconscious of another person. It creates the effect of, “This person can’t be messed with.”

2. Care for your health like it’s a new born baby. Invest in the water filter, vitamins, and time for self-care. Six is the immune system and self-love. Love yourself enough to make a stand for your radiance and excellence in the world.

3. Power of Prayer. Your power of prayer is one of the greatest forces in the Universe. It can turn the tide in so many situations, and a just recent example of this is the prayers of millions of parents in the U.S. who proclaimed to the Heavens, “Please let me keep my job so I can put food on the table, and my child can have a holiday present. Please come through for me Oh Heavenly Father.” And God came through.

One of the things we will be craving in 2022 are sweets! Yes, a way to feel the sweetness of life and emotional fulfillment. Here’s a way to satisfy that craving without your immune system kicking you in the butt the day after: Baked Apples. Yes, it’s that simple and easy. Just get yourself a few Gala, Fuji, or Honey Crisp apples, an oven-safe baking dish, and some walnuts, pecans, raisins, or dates.

Core the apples and place your fruit-nut mix in the center. Place the apples in the oven-safe dish, and add about a half inch of water to the dish. Then bake at 350 degrees for about 30 minutes or till the apples are completely soft. This recipe will give you a very satisfying sugar-buzz, while sending vitamins and minerals to your heart. It’s also chock-full of fiber for your digestive tract.

We need a pro-active multi-dimensional approach to 2022, and since the new year is composed of triple 2’s (whew!), let’s take a look at what that’s all about. The number 2 in the positive polarity represents relationships, harmony, balance, and a “We can work it out” attitude. However, when it goes negative it represents conflict, duality, and a “gimme-gimme-mine!” attitude. Steer clear of the “bull in the china shop” personality, because it will be very difficult for some people to control their bad behavior. The motto for 2022 could be, “Discretion is the better part of valor.”

The number 2, which in the Yogic tradition is the Negative Mind, gives us the ability to discern what could potentially go wrong in any given situation, and then take the most protected path as an act of self-preservation. If you remember anything from this forecast, remember this.

Meditation to Clear the Arc Line

We need a way to enhance our powers of perception so we can feel the world is a safe place for us to move through. If your Arc Line is on point then you’re on and ready to go! Here is a brilliant way to clear and strengthen yourself so you may experience the joy you want, the love you want, and the protected space to care for it all. The meditation to “Clear the Arc Line and Past Karma” is your new best friend. Practice with the kindness and love of this very supportive video, and feel as if you have your meditation buddies to call upon at anytime. Your life will change for the better, right before your eyes.

We never dreamed or imagined such times as we are in now, and yet, here they are. Regardless of the headlines, the future holds an infinite potential for us all, and by clearing ourselves we can most easily hear the messages of our higher calling. And a higher calling there truly is, as number 6 is the number of vision, projection, and the Fire Element.

Through your meditation practice you can burn away the fog of self-sabotage and see through the veil of illusion that the world or someone else may try to put upon you. You are the Captain of your own ship, so don’t give up the helm to ghosts of the past.

May the grace of the Heavens guide you, bless you, and keep you ever so safe, cozy, and warm over the winter months. May the New Year bring a smile to your face as the Angels clear a path to your dreams and good fortune, and in gratitude may you be kind to others as well. Sat Nam.

Would you like to know more? Nam Hari can do a personal reading for you over the phone or by Skype. Nam Hari specializes in the area of relationships, and by revealing the lines of energy between you and another, a new dimension of understanding is achieved. Nam Hari also offers an independent study course in the science of Numerology. Contact: Nam Hari  575-305-0017  or  [email protected]