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Numerology Forecast for August 2018: Brilliant New Energy

By Nam Hari Kaur

The month of August brings brilliant new opportunities, and we must allow ourselves to shift towards a new vision of our place in the world. This shift primarily has to do with our creative impact, in whatever field or venue we choose to explore.

The number 8 embodies the themes of fearlessness, vitality, healing, health, and enterprise. It’s all about courage right now, and not holding back because of the fears of the past. Connecting with your own heart energy is part of the magic formula, as the Heart number for August is an 8 as well, via lucky number 17 (month of 8 + Gift of 9 = 17).

The benevolent energy of the Heart’s 17 brings the potential of divine connections, along with a willingness to work things out for the common good. The Angelic realm is very pro-active for us at this time, and you may well experience a subtle (or not!) nudge from the environments surrounding you to, “Come on now, get on with it!”

This is good and necessary, as we have just emerged from a time (July) where the internal cleansing process was so deep and heavy, it has left more than a few people emotionally disoriented. The total Lunar eclipse of July had the effect of saying to our Soul, “So, do you really want to keep doing it like this anymore? Wake-up!”

The waking-up adventure begins now, and since words are so pivotal, it is important that you see it as an adventure. One definition of the word ‘adventure’ is: “Daring and exciting activity, calling for enterprise and enthusiasm.”

Since a clear mind and heightened intuition helps us align with our best options, practicing the Meditation to Alleviate Stress will cleanse the emotional toxins from your auric field. Eleven minutes a day, and you’re okay!

We need a strong auric field and Pranic Body because part of this month’s cycle will bring us challenges in the area of authority figures. The authority figure may well be internal, as in the memory of your Mother or Father saying to you, “You can’t do that, you don’t have what it takes, and you’re not good enough anyway.” These crippling internal dialogues can haunt us for decades, and part of the healing energy of August is to finally let it go.

Letting go takes energy and awareness, so your spiritual practice is your point of leverage for moving the boulder away from the doorway to the new land.

We must also be aware of our expectations of others now, as some people will be acting aggressively in their desire to move forward. When someone is imbalanced, and is then given an open door after feeling contained or constricted for too long, watch out. Again, it is all about the energy, and energy can be expressed in either the Positive or Negative polarity.

I was recently watching a film about a group of young people who trekked off to the mountains of northern Russia in order to solve a historical mystery. They had lots of enthusiasm, great freeze-dried food, and decent snow shoes.

However, at one point in the journey they got stuck in the valley of a high mountain pass during a snow storm. One man pulled out his cell phone to call for help, and he was unable to get any reception or signal. In great distress he cried out, “Damn, and I got the International Plan!” The moral of the story is, “Yes, you had a plan, but was it the right one for the environments?”

When I was traveling back from New Mexico to Los Angeles, I took an overnight Amtrak train. It’s usually a great way to travel, very chill and relaxing—except for this one time.

The schedule got back-logged because a tree had fallen on the tracks, and other trains were being rerouted, delaying everything. Then, because of record breaking heat, the train stopped in the middle of the Mojave desert. It is very, very hot in the Mojave desert. 

This entire ordeal added nearly 8 hours to the train ride, and inside the train we were running out of food, water, toilet paper, and a sense of humor—except for me. 

I had packed my Kind Bars, bottled water, Kleenex, and vitamin C tablets in my luggage. I was able to take care of myself, and then lend support to others. Number 8 is the archetype of the Healer, and there are many ways to heal in this world. You don’t have to stand on a mountain top in a white robe to be a Healer. Know that a smile and kind gesture to a child brings a Gold Star of goodness to you.

August will be dramatic at times, as 8 represents power and the desire to control or dominate. Whatever the ups-and-downs are, know that change brings opportunity to those who are prepared.

Set yourself, be prepared to take care of your basic needs, and know that God helps those who help themselves. God is really just the creativity of the Universe, ideally in a kind and conscious flow. You can be that flow, if you have the energy and awareness to do so.

Empower yourself, break free from the chains of the past, and lend a smile to others as you enjoy your journey Homeward. Sat Nam, and blessings to you.

“Human is not born a slave, human is born in truth in the image of God. And every man, woman and child has to learn:  there’s no turning back and there’s no playing weak.”
-Yogi Bhajan 7-12-1989

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