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Numerology Forecast for April: Spring Forward into New Territory

By Nam Hari

The month of April gives us a time and space where we can balance ourselves in relation to the world at large. We have all been through some aspect of a free-fall tumble over the past 12 months, and now is the time to get our ducks in a row and move forward again.

One of the primary themes of the number 4 is “Process--Structure--Order.” With many of the pandemic restrictions being lifted in most places, it is understandable to have a “horse bolting from the barn” mentality in response to our renewed freedoms. Yes, get out there and get going, just don’t try and take on the world all at once.

The number 4 represents the heart, and what we are craving on an emotional level. Well, nearly everyone is craving greater connectivity, and the dating site industry will be booming with people wanting to get out there to wine and dine in real time. There is a fresh-start spirit in the air as we spring forward into new territories.

Any business that can configure itself to have expanded outdoor dining will be doing exceptionally well over the coming months. We all want to live well and have fun again, as we are feeling a deep need to reward ourselves for having survived such a harsh global experience.

Number 4 represents the ability to think outside the box, and collectively we are shape-shifting towards a more co-creative flow of consciousness. The number 9 appears in the Base calculation this month (4 month + 5 year = 9), and 9 is the number of magic, mystery, and the subtle connectivity of spirit. New alliances will be forming, and expired connections will be dissolving.

The number 9 can act with lightning speed, revealing new pathways seemingly out of nowhere. No worries, you’ve actually been praying and meditating on this opportunity for quite some time. Just keep in mind the number 4 as you’re grand-visioning ahead, and pace yourself in the newfound jet stream of expanding possibilities.

Another aspect of number 9 is completion, and what is no longer working for us will be quickly brought to light. As we release people, situations, and even self-concepts, the right alignments of energy will swiftly be stepping up to fill the void. There is an interesting “consider-reconsider” dynamic at play this month, where we will get to examine the same choice or decision more than once. This is actually a gift in disguise, as it allows us to proceed forward with a greater element of certainty in our planning.

The overall number for 2021 is a 5, and number 5 brings change, upheaval, and movement. Number 5 also represents balance, as it is the midpoint number between 1 and 10. If you can remember anything for this year, remember this, “I keep my balance through all that is unfolding, and I steadily walk in the grace and will of the Divine.”

The number 5 of 2021 can push us to be impulsive at times, and we can certainly see this in the unfortunate events in the newsfeed. Five represents the 5 elements, and the need to balance these elements within ourselves. The world at large is not going to stop rockin’ and rollin’ for awhile, so we need to develop a practice that affords us an inner space of self-resolve and patience.

The 4 Stroke Breath pranayam is your “Old School - going back to basics” yogic practice. It can give you the inner steadiness you need to face these times. Number 4 is the Neutral Mind and our capacity to not over-react to the unfolding dramas of life. Practicing this meditation for just 3 to 11 minutes per day can totally change your outlook on life. You will have the spiritual grit and traction you need to move forward again.

Many people are experiencing a sense of, “It just never seems to stop—the bad news, challenges, and turmoil.” Well, you’re right about that, it has been overly intense, and it is all a part of a larger cycle of humanity’s evolution. You might like to respond by saying, “Hey, I didn’t sign up for this, and right now I don’t particularly care about humanity’s evolution.” I personally hear you on all of this, and at the same time, here we are now. Like it or not, we’re all a part of the solution.

A humorous example of this can be seen in the 1995 edition of the film “Jumanji.” It is a very clever and highly entertaining children’s movie where three siblings are playing a board game that has dramatic results every time they roll the dice. At one point it’s the younger brother’s turn to roll the dice, and he wearily turns to his older brother and says, “I just don’t want to play anymore.” To which his older brother supportively responds, “You have to finish the game.”

We are all in something much larger than our individual selves, each with an important role to play. You may feel tired or discouraged at times, we all do. Yet there is a way to invigorate ourselves so we may feel up to the task.

A precious healing modality called Bach Flower Essences has answers for us now. The remedy Cherry Plum supports you to find clarity in chaotic moments. It helps you to remain calm and begin to see the lighter side of the situation. The essence of Elm helps to make way towards a sense of assurance and self-efficiency. It gives perspective to the choices at hand. And, last but not least, the remedy Walnut helps us to adapt to change with a sense of confidence and security.

On the food front you can explore the fruit and vegetable isle to find pomegranates, cherries, red plums, and Fuji apples. These red fruits have a lot of healthful properties for your skin, heart, and blood stream. Goji berries are full of vitamin C, and are said to be good for the eyes and liver. Plus they are a way-yummy hiking snack!

Head on out to the Lawn and Garden store and get yourself a windowsill flower pot and some herb and flower seeds. Grow something beautiful and nurturing right in your own home space.

Sometimes simple is best, and in April we need to simply and steadily build back a life for ourselves that has vision and purpose. The higher Angelic realm is ready, willing and able to assist you as you simply put one foot in front of the other to move forward again.

A great Sage once said, “It takes the same amount of energy to go towards higher consciousness as lower consciousness. Therefore, there is nothing good or bad; it is all your movement.”

May the grace of the higher Angelic realm guide you towards a renewed sense of spirit, where you may live and breathe the very essence of your heart’s longing for all that is kind and good. And may God Almighty bless you to feel worthy of it. Sat Nam.

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