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Numerology Forecast for April 2020: A Time Like Never Before

By Nam Hari

This is a time like never before, a time yet unknown to humankind.

All because of a simple little number called Zero. Yes, Dear Ones, we are presently in the “double zero” effect of 2020, and not too many people are happy campers about this.

I am going to break it down for you, so it may be understood from an intellectual space, thereby allowing the ability to move forward again.

Zero is the “zero point,” or “shunia” in the yogic sciences, and is a power point of transformation. Shunia literally means “where everything stops.” What is it that gets stopped? In a nutshell, the ego. Nobody likes their ego getting zeroed out, as in, “I can’t do or have what I want, and I am really mad about that.”

Yes, we are all experiencing some dimension of anger, fear, isolation, or worry because of a loss of normalcy and a concern for the days ahead. The only way to deal with Zero is to see it as a doorway to your higher self. You go through Zero, dropping your ego on one side, and emerge out the other side transformed and elevated.

The keynote to this transformation lies in your ability to tune into the positive aspect of the numbers surrounding Zero, which is the number 2. In our present calendar year of 2020, the number 2 represents the themes of harmony, balance, cooperation, and healthy boundaries. On a higher spiritual level number 2 is, “Thy will, not my will.” The idea of “God’s Will” is a wildly misinterpreted concept, and I see it more as a synchronicity of spirit with the higher Universal forces which always have my best interests at heart.

How can we reach and maintain the Zero point that allows us to tap into the infinite resources of Heaven and Earth?

In April we need to use the breath, as the month is a 4, and the overall year is a 4 as well. The month and year combined create a calculation called the “Base,” which is the foundation for our projection at this time. So, 4 + 4 = 8, and number 8 is the Pranic Body.

Pranayam, meaning a breath meditation, is the best way to navigate this month. Otherwise you may be vulnerable to fear, weak health, sadness or grief. None of us want any of that.

Gyan Mudra Kriya helps to alleviate fear and gives you a sense of direction when you don’t know what to do. These teachings have stood the test of time for thousands of years, and now is the time to align yourself with the Universal Intelligence which can deliver you to your answer and right action path.

Okay, let’s look further into solutions for transiting this unique period of time on planet Earth. We all know about the emergence of online classes you can participate in and feel connected to others. Virtual “Happy Hours” are taking place, as well as dance parties and special interest groups. Get involved with as many of these venues as you possibly can. It can help to stave off the “dark place” that I have heard many people say they feel themselves slipping into at times.

I myself have pulled out 3 different address books and gone through the pages looking for people I haven’t talked to in awhile. Sometimes I would come across a name and remember an old grudge I had, which was the reason we hadn’t spoken for so long. I amazed myself in shifting to, “Yeah, well forget about that, we all need each other right now; I’m calling!”

This has been tremendously healing on both sides, and created a greater sense of connectivity and support in my life. The number 4 in the negative polarity represents judgement or a stuck/fixed approach to life. The expression, “Think outside the box” is the number 4 in the positive polarity. We all need to get outside our boxes right now.

Another way to help yourself transit this time is by experiencing someone else’s transformation.

Tara Westover’s book “Educated” is a fantastic journey of the human spirit. Against hugely daunting odds she blazes a trail for herself, escaping from a family dynamic that nearly destroys some of her family members. If you are a Youtube junkie like me, you can watch the SuperSoul Sunday interview before investing in the book.

Much of Tara’s experience has to do with a loss of boundaries, not even knowing what good boundaries are (no positive examples), and then finding her way back to a place of wellness and self-sovereignty.

From my point of view there has been one distinct upside to our present world situation, and that is that Mother Nature is on the rebound. Cities around the world now have clearer skies and fresh air. The trees seem happier, almost as if you can hear them saying, “Oh thank you, you’ve finally thought of us too!”

The number 2 of this decade is all about relationships, and that includes our relationship to our home, Mother Earth. I have wondered if the prayers of the plant and animal kingdoms have been answered by this pause in the machinations of modern man. Something to ponder.

May you find your way to the coziness and connectivity of your Heart’s longing, ever guided and protected by the Heavenly Angels. May you find the answers you are looking for right at hand, easily within the reach of your awakening Heart. May God bless us all.

Sat Nam.

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