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Numerology Forecast for April 2018: Two Paths to Travel

By Nam Hari Kaur

The month of April yields two very distinct paths to travel, one is filled with the heartache and complaint of the past, the other holds the promise of a bright future secured by a simple and dedicated plan.

Plan we must, as the higher octave of the Heart number this month is a 22, the number of the Master Planner. Factor in the long-range vision of your goals, as April is the “cornerstone” month for the year. Every building has a cornerstone, and from its proper and balanced setting the rest of the structure is built.

Ever hear the expression, “Don’t get off on the wrong foot”? April is the month to be checking and re-checking your balance in relation to your applied intelligence and meditative momentum. That’s quite a lot to be aware of, so let’s take a look at the working parts of this cosmic juggling act.

The two distinct paths of the Heart number rest in your ability to bless yourself with your own energy upgrade. When we combine the 4 of April with the Gift number of 9, it adds up to a 13. Thirteen is the number of the double-edged sword, and in the positive polarity represents the Power of the Word. This means “what you say will happen,” and the greatest Power of the Word is through mantra and prayer.

On the other side of the coin, number 13 represents complaint, criticism, bitterness and deception. Many people will be caught up in a negative spin cycle of blame and criticism, while trying to pull others into their drama. Avoid these sorts of dialogues as they can be very draining and waste your time and energy.

Chanting any mantra for 11 minutes a day from the heart will help set your meditative momentum, and the mantra “Ek Ong Kar Sat Gur Prasad, Sat Gur Prasad Ek Ong Kar” (found on Spirit Voyage and 3HO) is especially clarifying as it invokes an element of grace. Grace is a benefit that we may not have earned, but is bestowed regardless. We need that grace at this time, as there is work to be done which requires a protective shield in order to properly manifest.

This statement is not meant to create fear; it is to bring awareness to the fact that not everyone around you is always cheering you on in your spiritual journey. Ever hear the expression, “Misery loves company”? Well, this is the unenlightened side of number 13, and since we’re on a roll with the cosmic quips, here’s one that I created: “Don’t cast your pearls where they won’t shine.”

I am often fascinated by how sections of the arts and entertainment world are in perfect synchronicity with the numerical time cycles. A brilliant movie to see this month is “A Wrinkle in Time.” It is a children’s film that has a strong spiritual message in it about the power of our thoughts and words. Through a dramatic story line of multi-dimensional travel, three young people must find something precious that has been lost.

They face many obstacles, and yet through their adventure it is revealed that the greatest obstacle is sometimes their own mind and beliefs.

This is the story of April as well, which asks the core question, “Am I going to keep doing the same thing that’s not quite working, and expect a different result?”

You can further ask yourself the question, “Do I want to set my cornerstone for the rest of the year on a frustrated failing pattern, or am I willing to inject some new energy into the situation?”

This is where the positive polarity of the number 13 comes into play, so you can achieve the higher octave of the 22 Heart number. (Heart is 4 month + 18 Gift = 22).

Yes, this is you blessing yourself with your own energy upgrade. We all would like someone else to bless us, and sometimes this happens in life. However, since it is not always so easy to trek off to the Himalayas to find a great sage meditating in a cave, we now must develop the awareness and self-esteem to create our own blessing.

This you can do, as Yogi Bhajan has said, “The source of success, the self-blessed.”

As a child I went to a Christian church, where we were fortunate to have an articulate and inspiring Minister. I never forgot the story he told one Sunday of a young man who went kayaking down a river, and hit a stretch of very intense rapids. His kayak ended up getting smashed on the rocks, and he was left to fight for his life as he tried to swim to shore. The current was so strong that he could barely make any progress, and he was rapidly losing his strength in the freezing cold water. Feeling as if he could barely hang on for another minute, he thought, “God, if I could just get some help.” No sooner had he thought this than a voice shouted from the shore line saying, “Just stand up!”

The young man stood up, and found that the water was only up to his waist. He then had the footing and leverage against the current to steadily make it to the shore.

How often in life are we struggling and swinging wildly against exterior circumstances, only to find that if we just take a stand by owning our own energy and applied intelligence, it can all work out for us?

This is the time to chant your mantra, regain your balance, and set your cornerstone for the remainder of the year. In the words of Yogi Bhajan,

“You are the president of your own life, your own psyche.
Manners are your political party.
Intelligence is your funds.
Your consciousness is your advisors.
Your thoughts are your voters.
Your constituency is your feelings.
Put it all together and win the election.”

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