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Numerology Forecast for April 2015: Stabilize for the Journey Ahead

By Nam Hari Kaur

The month of April is a time to stabilize ourselves for the journey ahead. The number 4 represents issues of process, structure and order. Our ability to trim and set our sails now will greatly determine what we are able to hold on to as the year progresses. You can catch a big fish, but can you keep it in the basket?

Power Issues and Communication

The overall number for 2015 is an 8 (2+0+1+5 = 8), and 8 is the power number.

Many people are experiencing power struggles in work, personal relationships, and even within themselves. The power to change a bad habit, the power to speak up against an injustice in the work arena, and the power to say to someone, “You can’t keep treating me like this and expect me to still love you.”

In the month of April we must find the words, the right words, so that our communication is effective and precise. Number 4 represents words, 5 is communication, 6 is the projective psyche, and 7 is the voice. Number 8 is the prana, or vitality behind the communication, and 9 is either the potential subtlety or intensity behind the words. We are all dealing with communication issues at this time, and often it feels as though the other person just doesn’t hear us.

The number 4 embodies the themes of steadiness, compassion and neutrality. Being compassionate does not mean that you let someone walk all over you. Because of the increasing mental instability on the planet, your intuition needs to alert you when it is time to break away from a conversation. 

“When the environments let you know that you are no longer sacred there, it is time to go.”

This statement resonates with the numbers 2, 6, and 8, as it recognizes the need for boundaries, self-esteem, and maintaining your energy. April will test us in these areas. There can be the bridging of a gap where there has been a misunderstanding, or a total breakdown of communication that motivate us towards a complete change of plan.

Collaboration and New Beginnings

Many people will have the feeling, “I just don’t want to do this anymore.” As we are moving through this process of clarification, there will be a wave of energy on the planet that is bringing opportunity for new beginnings. These new beginnings will manifest, in part, through collaboration with other like-minded individuals. Through what Yogi Bhajan has called the collective pool of intelligence, there is now a heightened ability to connect with others of a similar mind-set and intention. The Angels are stepping up to the plate for us here, because too many things have been going wrong in the world, and we need to initiate a new momentum for positive change.

As the saying goes, “There is strength and safety in numbers.” The number 12 appears in the Base calculation for this month, and 12 is the number of tribes and collective creativity. Wherever your passion and inspiration flows, try to connect with another or others to create a greater flow. Much of our anger can be alleviated when we begin to feel a renewed sense of purpose in life. An even greater experience of well-being is achieved when that sense of purpose is linked with being effective.

Emotional Equilibrium

We all want to feel effective, and have either power or control. Then again, all that we are truly in control of is our own emotional equilibrium. How to gain this equilibrium? A perfectly lovely meditation for this is the Meditation for the Fourth Chakra.

This meditation uses the mantra Humee Hum Braham Hum, which means “We are we, we are God.” It is very soothing, and is an antidote is self-judgement and being overly critical. How can you feel like you have something of importance to share, if you don’t even like yourself?

The number 4 of April allows for a time of self-transformation through self-love. When we love ourselves, we then generate the right frequency to attract our spiritual help-mates and co-creators.

As 4 is the number of the box, or square, it is also a time to “Think outside the box.” A simple thing you can do, even if you never have before, is plant a garden. Whether you have a yard, or a windowsill flower box, plant a few seeds and water them. Say to yourself as you watch the seeds sprout, “I am moving outside the box.” Or, “I can grow, and my energy can make things grow.”

Along with your yogic practice, something as simple as this can help to create an immediate connection to your power and creativity. Sometimes simple is best. In the words of Yogi Bhajan, 

“There is an inner desire in every living being to be comfortable,to be taken care of, to be served. You are grown up, you want Mother Nature to take care of you and Heavenly Father to stand by you, and that’s why you want to be spiritual.”

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