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Numerology for August: The Magnetic Jet Stream

By Nam Hari Kaur

There is a great awakening in the air, and we are collectively hearing the whispers of what is calling us forth in our spiritual journey. We know we are ready for something fresh and new, and the month of August gives us a “springboard effect” into the trajectory of that which is our next best move.

The number 8 of August embodies the themes of power, energy, healing, and a re-alignment of how we are using our life force energy. The eclipses of July were meant to reveal and highlight where we were losing energy in our lives, and awaken us to the karmic patterns of entrapment and emotional slavery.

Often people ask the question, “Why do I always seem to attract this kind of relationship?”

The answer is most typically found stemming from our childhood, where we were trying to appease or “fix” one or both of our parents. This is a lost cause and the source of much emotional distress.

With the veil of “missed perceptions” having been lifted throughout much of July, we now have the opportunity to use our newfound insights to never go back again. I am reminded of an old Fleetwood Mac song where Lindsey Buckingham sings, “Been down one time, been down two times, ohh, never going back again.”

The planetary frequency shift in August gives us the higher guidance and resolve to steer clear of the old rocks that would tear up the bottom of our ship of dreams. Fueled with wisdom and power we can chart the most protected journey to new shores.

New opportunities abound now, and fortune favors the brave. With any degree of an open mind and willingness of effort, there will be something new for you to initiate in your life. Most importantly, ask yourself the question, “What does my heart say about this?”

The Heart number for August is a 9, and number 9 is passionate, intense, insightful, and focused. Number 9 is also the Subtle Body, and our higher spiritual instincts will have the opportunity to sense the right course of action through divine guidance.

There is a magnetic jet stream traveling through the air throughout August that is enlivening the Heart Chakra, and this is meant to be a gift to humanity. It is a vibration that can awaken the energetic code of your Soul’s true purpose. This purpose may look quite different from what you have previously been doing, so keep an open mind so your Heart and Soul can integrate with the new direction.

We are on the cusp of big changes in 2020, and the creative powers of the Heavens are now working with us all to “Wake up!” It can almost feel as if you have been asleep for most of your life, trudging along in a limited way of being, when suddenly the shutters are pulled back from the windows. Now there is an awakening light streaming in, revealing a new possibility and potential.

I know this can all sound quite dramatic, and possibly a bit “Woo-woo,” however, it’s not.

So many of the people I have been speaking with have a sense of longing for something more and different. The isolation that people are feeling due to a lack of human connectivity is now at an epidemic rate, and it is creating a lot of problems with addiction. This feeling of emptiness cannot be cured by external substances, so let’s look at a better way to shift our emotional landscape.

What will help us to elevate our spirit is the 8 Stroke Breath for Energy and Stress Relief. This will help you to best integrate the newly available energies into a viable force. Then you will feel up to the task, no matter how bold and daring it all may seem to be!

And we do want Bold and Daring at this time. So many of us are sick of the “same old, same old,” that the monotony and routine are killing us at a certain level. You can’t be the Light until you can at least see the Light, so “game on” and get your prana moving.

There is an aspect to August that reveals an inner dream or original innocence. A part of ourselves that may well have been shut down in our childhood, due to a necessity for survival. As we are growing up, sometimes there is the unspoken declaration of, “Who are you to think you can break the family curse of being resigned to a half-hearted life?” From this programming a pattern of always selling ourselves short in some way can develop.

August is the breakthrough month to kick this crap curbside. A newborn affirmation of, “I am a child of the Almighty Grace, Power, and Love of the Universe; and the mighty Angels of the Heavens are guiding and supporting me every step of the way.”

Get these words deep down into your Soul. Repeat them to yourself when you wake up in the morning. You are clearing the way for a new life experience.

This is the time, the time is now, you got this, Sat Nam.

“If you have not recognized you are made in God, recognize it today. Believe it, trust it and be it. Your life will change; your environments will change. Prosperity and opportunity will come to you.”
-Yogi Bhajan, 9/21/91

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