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Numerology for August 2021: New Healing Habits

By Nam Hari

The month of August is a time for gathering up our forces and creating a spark of creative vision that will guide and sustain us through the remainder of 2021. The number 8 of August represents the themes of power, healing, enterprise, the breath and our core vitality.

Sun Salutations

Number 8 is the Air Element, so working with your breath is essential to gaining a sense of loft and expansiveness to your world. Now is the time to create “healing habits” for yourself—simple practices that take a few minutes of time and create an oasis of light to replenish your energy. The yogic classic “Sun Salutations” is an excellent way to start your day, and just 11 repetitions of this will get the pranic energy in your body flowing. There are many good versions of this exercise on, and it will be easy to find a teacher and presentation that you like.

Don’t Get Into It

At present there are many things in the world that would try and distract us and take our energy. The relentless newsfeed of “what if’s” and a perpetually interwoven sense of impending doom can steal your joy and wear you down to nothing if you let it. It takes a lot to keep one’s spirits up these days, and we need to develop new habits that protect our sense of well-being.

One of the best habits I have recently created for myself is the “Don’t Get Into It” rule. If someone tries to engage with me in a conflictive dialogue, a little light goes off in my head that says, “Just don’t get into it.” This can save you a lot of wear and tear.

There are people in the world who gain energy through aggressive communication, as it is how they feel powerful. We are in for a long ride on some of our present social and global issues, so pacing yourself is important. I am older than most of you, and pre-2000 it never used to be like this---the relentless intensity of chaos. There used to be more in-between times of rest and relaxation where you could catch your breath.

Safe Dream Space

So, let’s catch our breath. The best new thing in my world is the music of an ethnic women’s group called “Beautiful Chorus.” One of my healing habits is to listen to the song “Safe Dream Space” as I’m going to sleep at night. Their voices are like a cozy pillow that touches your heart and calms your Soul.

Ram Das Tea

Knowing when to stop, and when and how to apply the brakes in life is an essential new habit to develop. Nothing says “rest and relax” like a good cup of tea, and the yogis have a special recipe for this. Ram Das tea is a healthy way to relax and have a blissful time out.

So very easy to make, as the two main ingredients are black cardamon pods and fennel seeds. You will likely need to go online or to an East Indian grocer to find the black cardamon pods, as they are more of a specialty item. Fennel seeds are everywhere.

So, the recipe is 3 to 4 black cardamon pods and a level teaspoon of fennel seeds to 3 cups of water. Bring the water to a boil, add the ingredients, and let simmer for about 20 minutes. Then add milk and honey to taste.

Bach Flower Remedies

There is an enormous amount of emotional release happening on the planet right now, and two of the things people will be releasing are grief and disappointment. The Bach Flower essence Mustard helps to alleviate grief, and the essence Olive helps to restore strength after an emotionally draining journey. These remedies work on a subtle level and can help give you a feeling of power as you are proactively healing yourself. I have used them successfully for years.

Your Healing Journey

Our sense of humanity is being challenged now, and as we find our way back to places and spaces of support and nurturing, we need to try and adopt a more inclusive outlook on life.

The wonderful world of healing is not always a pretty picture, and nearly everyone will be having a teary-eyed release of past emotional pain. Let it out! Cry, sob, emote, and let the hurts and disappointments of the past be released.

Part of your healing journey this month is in the 1998 Academy Award-winning movie “Good Will Hunting.” A stellar cast and performance by all, and this one is particularly good medicine for the men-folk out there. Shatter the shackles of the haunting echos of the past, and allow yourself the breakthrough moment of, “It’s not your fault.”

The number 5 of 2021 asks us to consider what changes we need to make in our physical surroundings and personal health routine. Maybe you never had a personal care routine before, and now you see that it’s as essential as brushing your teeth every day.

Number 5 represents physical and emotional flexibility, and the reason the great Oak tree got to be so big and strong is because it learned to bend and shift with the heavy winds of nature.

Begin to blend into your nature a more adaptive response to the evolving climate of change on planet Earth. Say to yourself, “I am well and well provided for, and my instinctual self can easily change gears and see the hidden opportunities in every situation.”

There is a way through every block, and one of the keys to this is in not losing your nervous system energy by over-reacting. Work with your breath, and build within yourself a reservoir of inner strength and vitality to carry you through. If you can spare just 5 minutes a day, the yogic kriya Sitali Pranayam will do this for you. It powerfully purifies the system, and reduces anger.

When we fly above the density of our emotions, it can be smooth sailing. We have the power to heal ourselves and bless the planet with our uniquely flowing presence. Number 8 represents rhythm, and anything which is rhythmic is happy.

Saint Francis of Assisi is known as the Saint of the ecologists, as he had a love of nature and wildlife. These things are precious and sacred in my world, so I will leave you with a Saint Francis quote that I adore, “Start by doing what’s necessary; then do what’s possible; and suddenly you are doing the impossible.”

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