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Numerology for August 2020: Power Struggles, Prana, and Prosperity

By Nam Hari Kaur

The month of August is a time to re-energize ourselves for the days ahead. Since the beginning of 2020 we have all been through so much, as the world is changing beneath our feet. Now, as we move forward we are fine-tuning our awareness of what works and what doesn’t work. Many people’s go-to’s for structure, consistency, and emotional support have been stripped away. This in turn, creates the need for new ways to build ourselves and feel supported.

Breathe for Prana

The number 8 of August represents the themes of power, healing, money, vitality, and a mental equilibrium that allows us to be fearless in the face of life’s challenges. I think it fair to say that we would all like to have more of these things, and there is a way to achieve this in August.

It can be very difficult to overcome fear if you do not have enough energy. Number 8 is the Pranic Body, the storehouse of our vitality. Our energy largely comes from the breath and our ability to breathe deeply. A shallow breath leads to low energy and anxiety.

This is the month to “shake it off!” Get yourself outside, ideally in nature if possible, and walk, run, or hike in the fresh air. If you are “city-bound” look into getting a Rebounder trampoline. It is an individual sized trampoline that will allow you to exercise indoors or in a small backyard. This exercise will help to keep your muscles toned and lymphatic system in good shape.

Prosperity Meditation: Sobagh Kriya

Many people have been experiencing financial challenges, and fortunately in the yogic sciences we have an answer for that. The meditation Sobagh Kriya clears misfortune and is a way to create wealth in your life. Wealth is more than money, so whatever it is you need to empower your next step of expansion will be delivered through this meditation.

The meditation has 5 parts to it, so I’ve included this video that will help you in this practice. The teacher, a very bright young man, will lead you through each section of the meditation along with the supportive mantra music. This makes it way easy to practice, as you do not need to keep track of the time changes for each section.

You need a new kind of stamina, an energy upgrade. Give yourself a chance, This meditation can work a miracle for you if practice 15 minutes a day for 40 days. You need the high octane fuel right now, and my friends, this is it.


Number 8 is the Air Element, and our ability to oxygenate the blood through exercise and a healthy diet. Green leafy vegetables help increase oxygen levels in the blood, as well as broccoli and celery. Also, chlorophyll tablets create more oxygen in the blood and are an easy add-in to your diet.

What we need for ourselves at this time is a “Prana-Power-Pac!” We need more than one way to create or blend energy into our lives. Whenever I travel I check my essentials list, and at the top of the list are rechargers. I need a recharger for my computer, phone, iPad, and iPod. They are all different, as they translate a unique frequency of energy for their purpose.

Recharge with Good News

We need to recharge ourselves mentally, physically, spiritually and socially, focusing more of our mental energy on the positive, and less on the negative. Too much network news can destroy your day, so let’s look at another option. There is a website called It is filled with beautiful and inspiring articles and videos of people helping each other and creating positive change in the world. This is now part of my go-to support system.

One of my favorite stories is how the zoo-keepers in Cornwall, England, noticed that the penguins seemed depressed because there were no visitors allowed in the zoo. Then, somebody started thinking outside the box, and after placing a bubble machine in their dwelling space, Presto!—happy penguins!

Trust in the Universe

Trust is an issue we are dealing with on a global level, and it’s certainly not easy to have a sense of trust when so much seems up in the air. Part of one’s ability to develop trust is in knowing that the Universe ultimately has your back. You have been through challenges before, and you can move through them now. The unknown can seem scary at times, yet there is always a supportive grace through faith.

As a child you likely went to the playground with a parent and learned to climb on the jungle gym, your little hands on the bars, slowly climbing higher, not quite sure of the next step. Just as you’re reaching higher your foot slips, and a voice comes from behind saying, “I’ve got you!” Your parent is right there to catch you in the nick of time.

There is a Universal kindness and benevolence that is here to support you if you choose to relate to it. Through positive imagery, whether it be Heavenly Father, Divine Mother, Adi Shakti, or Mother Mary, develop a relationship with an ethereal being that you feel connected to in your heart. Create an altar with pictures, crystals, flowers, mala beads, books, or whatever supports you in holding this connection. Spend time each day nurturing your connection to this divine power.

You can’t make it on your own, nobody can. That is one of the great lessons of this time and space. Reach out to others as is appropriate, while at the same time knowing there is a certain part of the emotional equation that can only be covered by your relationship with a far greater power. And that power is the God within and around you.

How can you most easily connect to this power? Your spiritual practice. I see this as no longer an option, but a necessity for traversing the changing times.

The Power Struggle Escape Hatch

Power struggles abound in August, yet you do not need to be lured into anything where you would lose energy. Your intuition has the ability to let you know where there might be a hidden agenda, and to re-direct you to avoid the conflict. If you feel cornered or confronted by someone, create an escape-hatch by saying, ”Yes, what you’re talking about seems really important, let me get back to you later as I’m late for an appointment.”  And you have an appointment with your self-respect, safety, and dignity, so it’s not even lying.

We are on an extraordinary journey both collectively and as individuals on planet Earth.

There are times when the trail gets steep or rocky as you are striving to reach the higher ground. In a weary moment you lean forward to gain your balance, and suddenly your foot slips from beneath you. Then, a gentleness fills the air as the tip of an Angel wing touches your shoulder, your breath relaxes, and the voice of a lofty presence speaks to your heart and says, “I’ve got you.”

Would you like to know more? Nam Hari can do a personal reading for you over the phone or by Skype. The numbers of your birth date hold the answers to your life’s creative magic and inspired potential. Nam Hari specializes in the area of relationships, and by revealing the parallel and diagonal lines of energy between you and another, a new dimension of understanding is achieved. Nam Hari also offers an independent study course in the science of Numerology. Contact: Nam Hari  575-305-0017  or  [email protected]