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Numerology for 2018: Let’s Get it Right this Time

By Nam Hari Kaur

The calendar year of 2018 carries us along a swiftly moving electrical current of energy, yielding opportunity and divine connections.

The number 11 is the overall number for 2018, with the Gift number for the year being a 9 (2+0+1+8=9). There is an inherent sense of vision in the number 11, and we will no longer feel satisfied with the “same old, same old” in any area of life. This, combined with the intensity, passion, and need for spiritual awakening of the number 9, will meld two very interesting dance partners moving through the rhythms of 2018.


Life will be unfolding before us in an even more intensified flow than ever before, and we need to able to handle the increase of energy. Number 11 can be quite polarized, so as much as there will be people who feel guided and inspired to create a higher path for themselves, many people will be “cracking up,” too. The increase of mental breakdown and social instability will create drama and problems throughout society, with the need for a more enlightened level of response.

Humanity, in an evolving conscious shift, will be looking at solutions for recognizing and resolving the distress of another human being, before they are driven over the edge of their own bad choices.

As individuals we will find ourselves rebelling against anything which reeks of the pain, diminishment, and confinement of the previous three years. “You’re not putting me in that cage again!” might be the subtext to any relationship that begins to feel unhealthy.

Getting it Right this Time

The reason for this reactive intensity is in the Gift number, the number 9, via the number 18. Eighteen is a Master Life Cycle number, meaning that you really, really need to get certain lessons “right” at this time. Otherwise, there is the potential to repeat them for another 9 years.

I think I just got your attention there, so let’s pause for a moment to make sure you’re staying on the high road of life. Every 18 years we individually have the opportunity to start over in a new Life Cycle. The catch is, “Did you get it?” Meaning, did you get the key lessons you were supposed to learn, or are you going repeat the drama?

Because the year will be moving so rapidly, you will need a way to catch yourself from falling into the same patterns, possibly without noticing it. We need help with this, and a good practice for the first 40 days of the New Year is the “Meditation of Change.” We all want a change in our lives, and with this practice you can have the best chance for a fresh start in 2018.

The Gift of 18 and the Master Cycle relates to the evolution of humanity too, and this is where it all gets quite interesting. As a group psyche on planet Earth, there are lessons that need to be learned and completed. Eighteen and 9 are numbers of mastery and completion. The way this often plays out is when a lesson is not being learned, the consequences increase. Global warming is a part of this. For example, the California wildfires are still burning after weeks of effort to extinguish them. Interestingly, 9 is the Fire Element, with an additional cross-over to the Ether Element.

As Things Heat Up

Not only will we be dealing with an increase of fire and drought, the heat will be affecting people’s behavior. Notice when things are heating up, and get out of range. It can take just one ember of anger in someone’s mind to create an inferno of insanity.

Number 9 represents the Subtle Body, which holds the ability to read between the lines and sense the unspoken realm of what is really going on. A trail of tears can be avoided if you are able to sense if someone is dehydrated, or their blood sugar is low, and you offer them nourishing support.

The number 9 represents female energy, so as a collective psyche and as individuals, there are certain lessons that women need to understand and have completed. There are two films that I would recommend you watch this year, and they are “Sliding Doors” starring Gwyneth Paltrow, and “The Girl on the Train.” Both deal with many of the core issues we face as women, which are: power in relationships, self-esteem, choices, defeat, and a second chance. Learn from someone else’s experience, and stop the repeating pattern.

Looking further to the number 11 for this year, it is important to note that 11 represents relationships, including the relationship with God, or our higher self. As Rome is burning on many levels we need an alignment with “source energy,” or, “The One who will never leave or abandon you.” As all humans are flawed, or will occasionally have a bad day, this “never abandon you” energy only truly exists on an ethereal level.

Additionally, the number 11 is the sound current of Infinity—the storehouse of all the mantras and beautiful spiritual music. Get your mantra on and have your playlist ready at hand, as you will need something beyond yourself to lean into.

When they Go Low, You Go High

This leaning into is what Yogi Bhajan called “Tek,” (pronounced as ‘take’). He said your Tek is what you lean into when the winds get heavy and you feel as if you could get pushed over.

The word Tek comes from the prayer Rakhe Rakhenhar, which is part of the Aquarian Sadhana chants. Yogi Bhajan said this prayer has a great protective power. In a stellar political moment, Michelle Obama spoke about being challenged by the low and aggressive side of male energy. In her speech she said, “When they go low, you go high.”

This is how we need to respond as women in our present cultural climate. Don’t let someone else’s heat and aggression burn you; go high, go above.

In 2018 let us all have a collective vision for the future, where a time and space exists that all of God’s creation may exist in harmony, divine alignment, and a gracious coziness that allows the children and animal kingdom to feel safe, loved, and protected. May we all hold each other so dearly in this vision, as the lighthouse on the shore shines outward, so all may find their way Home. Sat Nam.

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