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My Path to Becoming a Teacher

By Devta Kidd

“If you want to learn a thing, read that; if you want to understand a thing, write that; if you want to master a thing, teach that.”
-Yogi Bhajan

I did not know that I was looking for Kundalini Yoga. I knew that I was looking for a foundation for a life with meaning and purpose. I knew that service to others was a core value in my life, and I believed that each person can change the path of their own life. I made my prayer to find God within myself and to fulfill my longing for purpose.

This prayer was answered when Kundalini Yoga came into my life at my place of work. It was an addictions recovery center and a Kundalini Yoga teacher came to work there as a counselor. The day I took my first class, I knew that I wanted to be a teacher. After two years of classes I participated in the Aquarian Teacher Level 1 Program at Yoga Yoga in Austin, Texas.

This program focused on laying the foundation as an Instructor of Kundalini Yoga. I wanted to deeply experience Kundalini Yoga, get answers to my questions on how everything works, and deeply, deeply immerse myself in the community of yogis. I got all of this and more.

The curriculum included topics such as: the essence of the human being; the foundations of yoga and Kundalini Yoga as taught by Yogi Bhajan; divine alignment; the breath; the mind; the power of the naad[1] and meditation; the energetic and light bodies; and the crucial importance of sadhana.[2]

The course culminated with opportunities to practice instructing in front of small groups of other teacher trainees who offered authentic feedback.

After teaching Kundalini Yoga for several years, I wanted to deepen my experience of myself as a teacher and experience a transformation in consciousness. I longed to serve students of Kundalini Yoga from a profound sacred space. This would take a deep, honest self-assessment and a commitment to enhance the fundamentals of my self-awareness and test my self-discipline.

I heard that Transformation: Level 2 training was a way to do that—a path to crystallize my experience, self-confidence, and skill. I took the leap and began my participation in Transformation at the launch of the Authentic Relationships course in Espanola, New Mexico, along with 150 other teachers and trainers from around the world. Level 2 is truly about self-transformation.

I realized on the first day of the course that this was not just a class. This will be a two year journey! I have to do as much out of class as in it. This is all about challenging my character and trusting my presence as a truly excellent teacher.

To really transform I realized that working in groups and teams is essential. This is not about me learning something. This is not something I will accomplish alone. This is about giving and accepting feedback with my fellow travelers on this path about all the core values and central skills I must have. It was exciting and scary at the same time. As I participated in the course, heard the inspiring lectures of Yogi Bhajan, shared feelings and experiences with my study group, and settled into a new level of meditation and stillness, my fears were calmed.

This entire level of growth is like putting your soul on a slow simmer—you warm up and change, gradually. It is filled with insights but the real beauty of it is the sight I started to get of myself. This is not about techniques. This is about realizing my self at the center of all my efforts. I link to the golden chain. I become still, honor my relationships, consciously use the power of communication, and discipline my mind. This is about stepping up, projecting out, and loving the soul and personality that I am as I serve, heal, and teach. It is about a kind heart and a compassionate head.

Some things seem to stick more than others. When we practiced and committed to “Pre-forgive” all our relationships it turned me around. It changed my entire perspective on my relationships and let me release many wounds and blocks I had not even realized I had. This process is not intellectual, though it was filled with many concepts; it put the teachings into each cell of my body so I can authentically be myself.

After this experience, I am ready to go and go all the way. The way of Kundalini Yoga has never been a solo journey, and Level 2 is no exception. I am intrigued by how all five Level 2 courses work together to give something greater than any single part. The videos of Yogi Bhajan surprised me. They were like a regular class where his presence was as tangible as the people sitting beside me. I found a place in my heart to connect with the awareness he projects, even though I never met him.

I plan to connect with the whole global community of teachers before, after, and during the training courses. I like the emphasis on developing an ongoing conversation with a group and having a personal mentor to refine my ability to reflect, to be aware, and to be consciously conscious of how well I apply these teachings in my life and not just in class or a workshop. This is all about living it, delivering it, and being it.

Devta Kaur lives in Bloomington, Indiana, where she helped to found Bloomington's Midland Yoga Center. She works as a Strategic Excellence Facilitator for Monarch Media, Inc., and is a firm believer in the power of compassionate communication.  

The Five Modules of Level 2 Training:

Conscious Communication

Connect with the universal ability to relate to yourself and others with authentic compassion and courage. Discover and practice the technology for effective, penetrating communication that goes beyond words.

Authentic Relationships

Understand how to cultivate the courage and neutrality necessary for authentic, conscious relationships. Learn how neutrality easily translates to unconditional love, which elevates, motivates, and inspires.

Mind and Meditation

Overcome limitations perceived by the mind. Unlock unlimited potential, and experience the mind serving the soul. Conquer your mind, conquer the world.

Lifestyles and Lifecycles: Living a Purpose-Filled Life

Every cycle of life has its gifts, lessons and obligations. How do we master our self at each stage of life with positive habits so we can stay true to our purpose and our soul’s desire? Learn to embrace grace, balance, and flow in every cycle of life.

Vitality and Stress

Vitality—our enthusiasm for life—requires our nervous and glandular systems to adapt to change. Understand how our caliber allows us to guide others through life’s challenges.

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[1] Sacred sound current

[2] Daily spiritual practice