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Money, Time or Love, Just Do It!

By Stella Bodhi aka Angela Schaefers

If you are frustrated and feel hopeless about the state of our world, remember that you have the ability to make a difference. Give your time. Give your money. Give your love. There are so many ways to do good and help those around us. When we as individuals use our gifts and talents to lift others up, we can, collectively, change the world for the better.

There are countless stories about people who have survived and thrived because someone gave them a hand up. Whether they received money, someone’s time, or encouragement, it was life changing. That is how the world evolves. That is how life goes on.

I regularly give my money and time. I volunteer. I donate. I do not do it for recognition. I do not do it just to make myself feel good, though that is a perk. And I do not have a few million extra dollars or a few hundred extra hours available. I do it because it is how the circle of life works. Countless people have shown me kindness, support and encouragement. I would not be where I am had they not. I believe in paying it forward.

What is the return on investment when we give our time, money or love? Unlike the stock market, it is not quantifiable. Sometimes we may not witness the outcome of what our service or giving does for others. And if we are truly giving from our heart, it should not matter.

You see, giving and serving is a matter of the heart. And heart matters are unconditional. There are no limits. There are no requirements. There are no obligations. Take the challenge today to implement more giving to those around you. You heart will thank you!

Angela Davis Schaefers aka Stella Bodhi is a coach, workshop facilitator, speaker and writer. She has interviewed people around the globe to share their inspiring stories of overcoming challenges and living successfully. She writes various articles on motivation, self-improvement and inspiration, often sharing her own experiences or those she has learned from. She authored her memoir Grief to Grace. She published her book, ‘Your Story Matters, You Matter – A guide to healing, learning from and sharing your story‘ and is completing two additional books, ‘Cancer Doesn’t Come Wrapped In A Pretty Ribbon‘ and ‘Unlocking Grief.’