Wahe Guru Meditation

This meditation is said to bring a state of calmness and joy to the mind. If practiced several times, the eyes will automatically lock at the third eye point when you inhale. The calmness comes as you consciously unite with the parts of yourself.

In this kriya, we focus on the union of the lower and higher triangles. The triangles are formed by the tip of the nose and the two eyes and the brow point and the two eyes.

The Practice

Posture: Sit with the spine erect in a meditative posture.

Eyes: Fix the eyes at the tip of the nose.

Mantra & Movement: Turn the head to the left, bringing the chin over the shoulder and chant Wahe. Then turn the head to the right while chanting Guru.


Continue for 11 to 31 minutes. To end, inhale deeply and immediately meditate at the third eye point for several minutes.

© 3HO. This kriya is courtesy of YB Teachings, LLC.

This meditation was originally taught on 1/14/1972.

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