The Invincible Man Exercises

This kriya can break through crystallizations in the muscles and nerves, and bring fantastic strength, health, and victory. It was originally taught to men, but can be practiced by anyone of any gender.

Love & Forgiveness

Posture: Find a partner. Sit in Easy Pose opposite each

Mudra: Bring the arms up and touch hands palm to palm.

Mantra & Movement: “I love myself. I forgive you.” As you say, “I love myself,” bring your hands to Prayer Pose at the heart. As you say, “I forgive you,” bring your hands palm-to palm with your partner. Continue the
movement with each repetition of the mantra. Experience what it does.

Eyes: Look straight in the eyes of one another .


Continue for 4 minutes.


Posture: Still seated, looking into your partner’s eyes.

Mantra & Movement: Continue the movement with the mantra, “Peace.” With each repetition of “Peace,” move from Prayer Pose to palm-to-palm.

Continue for 2 minutes 30 seconds..

Love and Peace

Posture: Come sitting on your heels facing your partner, and then come up on your knees.

Mantra: Bring your hands together in Prayer Pose and say, “Love.” Then move the hands palm-to-palm with your partner and say, “Peace.” This exercise is very important because you are relating to your sciatica.

exercis 3

Continue for 2 minutes 30 seconds.

Love Peace Clap

Posture: Continue standing on you knees facing your partner, looking eye-to-eye. Stretch your arms out to each side, palms down.

Mantra & Movement: Move the arms up and down (about 12 inches) to a count of four. On five, clap hands with your partner and alternately chant Peace! Love! Move the arms 1-2-3-4-Peace! (clap); 1-2-3-4-Love! (clap).

exercise 4a

Continue for 9 minutes 30 seconds.

Camel Pose

Posture: Standing on the knees, press the pelvis forward and lift the heart as your reach back for your
heels. Allow the head to drop back.

Mantra: Chant “I will never bite the bait.”

ex 5

Continue for 3 minutes.


Posture: Come standing up and take your partner’s hands.

Mantra & Movement: Slowly sit down and repeat, “Let us sit in peace.” Slowly rise and say, “Let us rise in consciousness.”

Continue for 4 minutes.

Ardas Bhaee

Posture: Sit on your heels and bend back, putting
your weight on your elbows. Bring your hands into fists
near the shoulders. Your head will automatically fall

Mantra: Keep this posture as you sing the entire Ardas Bhaee mantra:

Ardaas Bhaee Amar Daas Guru
Amar Daas Guru Ardaas Bhaee
Raam Daas Guru Ram Daas Guru
Raam Daas Guru Sachee Saahee

The energy will adjust itself. Hold the posture and keep the pressure. It works to bring strength and healing, and to  break obstacles in the energy flow.

ex 7

Continue for 5 minutes and then take a break. Walk around and visit.

I Am I Am

Posture: Sit in Easy Sitting Pose. Make fists with your hands and bring them in front of the shoulders.

Mantra & Movement: Chant “I am, I am.” Chant loudly and powerfully. On “I” the hands are at the shoulders. On “Am” the arms extend straight out to the sides. On the second “I” the hands are at the shoulders.
On the second “Am” the arms extend straight up.

ex 8a

Continue for 8 minutes.

I Am with Partner

Posture: Sit facing your partner, eye to eye. Bring your hands into fists in front of your face—about eye level.

Mantra & Movement: Chant “I am, I am.” Communicate your pure “I am” to each other. As you talk, so your hands should move to explain your expression. Fists tight. Talk with lips and fists. Talk
and fists should indicate the language.

ex 9

Continue for 9 minutes.

Part the Wind

Posture: Sit facing your partner, eye to eye. Bring your hands up. Spread your fingers open.

Movement: Move the arms stiffly forward and back. Try to part the wind. Do it fast, powerfully, and strongly. The hands must move the heavens, the earth and the stars. No bend in the arms. Move powerfully and steadily. Make the whole body a unit. The whole body will move if you do it right.

ex 10

Continue for 10 minutes To end, inhale and suspend the breath for 30 seconds. Mentally vibrate the mantra "God and me, me and God are one." Repeat. Relax.

© 3HO. This kriya is courtesy of YB Teachings, LLC.

This kriya was originally taught on September 10, 1983.

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