Naad Namodam Rasa

“Naad” means communication, both gross and subtle. “Namodam” means to address someone. “Rasa” means a juice or healing secretion. This kriya is meant to balance the brain chemistry to address tiredness and confusion, which can get in the way of clear, honest communication.

Naad Meditation

Posture: Sit in an Easy Pose with a light jalandhar bandh. Let the arms hang by the sides. Bend the elbows to make the forearms parallel to the ground with the palms up and the fingers pointing straight forward, away from the torso.

Mudra: Make Buddhi Mudra with each hand (connect the thumb tip to the tip of the little finger). Start a rhythmical alternation of the forearms. Move the forearms up and down 4 to 6 inches above and below the horizontal. The arms stay parallel.

Eyes: Focus the eyes at the tip of the nose, or at the Third Eye Point.

Mantra: Continue this motion in rhythm with the three sounds of the mantra: "Aah Ooh Umm" (translation: "Come, Thou, into the form of Life"). Pronounce each sound from the throat so it vibrates from the diaphragm and the nose. It must have good resonance and timbre.


Continue for 31 minutes. To end, inhale deeply and hold for as long as comfortable. Exhale. Immediately move into the Partner section.

Naad Partner Exercise 1

Immediately turn to a partner and converse about the topic: "How well do I do the impossible?"


Continue for 3 minutes.

Naad Partner Exercise 2

Use the right hand with the palm open to slap the right hand of your partner. You both try to slap hands. As you do this look at each other's eyes and speak obnoxiously to each other.


Continue for 3 minutes.

Naad Partner Exercise 3

Immediately look at your partner, and while smiling, talk about, "The blessings of my life and how I overcome challenges." Keep smiling.

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Continue for 3 - 11 minutes, then relax.


In the language of Naad Yoga, the sound “Aah” is the first primal sound. It means “come.” The first Infinite voice that moves you back to unity is “Wha.” The sound “Ooh” means “Thou.” The sound “Umm” means “we.” Taken all together the mantra becomes: “Come, Thou, into the form of Life.” Chanted in this way it is the Bij Naad of the mantra “Om” or “Aum.”

This mantra is a Trikuti Mantra. It blends all three gunas and neutralizes the ida and pingala into the central channel of the sushumna.

© 3HO. This kriya is courtesy of YB Teachings, LLC.

KRI International Teacher Training Manual Level 1

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