Meditation to Clear Your Communication

This kriya is said to clear your communication so another person will be more able to hear what you say when you speak. It uses the mantra “Sat Nam,” the eternal sound. Chanting this mantra is said to give you Heaven and Earth in balance.

Part One: Rotate Arms

Posture: Sitting in easy pose, bend the elbows down by the sides and place the hands next to the shoulders, the thumbs pressed against the palm at the mound of Mercury (the fleshy pad on the palm at the base of the little finger). The fingers are held straight.

Movement: Keeping this position, begin rotating the hands in continuous 12-inch circles, from in front of the shoulders, up, and out to the sides, down, and back in towards the body, until you reach the start position again. The right hand will rotate in a clockwise direction, and at the same time the left hand will rotate in a counter direction. Move powerfully, making sure to keep the thumb pressed against the mound of Mercury the entire time.


Continue for 1 minute 45 seconds. To end, inhale and move immediately into Part Two.

Part Two: Raise Arms Up

Posture: Immediately raise your arms over your head, elbows straight, palms flat, facing forward. Spread the fingers wide apart like open antennae.

Mantra: Inhale deep, and begin chanting long Sat Naam's. One continuous chanting of the mantra takes about 15 seconds. Repeat the mantra 4 times.

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Continue for 1 minute.


The force of the movement of the hands in the first exercise loosens the lower back, which can potentially relieve lower back pain or help prevent you from developing it. This exercise helps to keep a person young, and the force of the hands can also help clear the ears, nose, and throat.

© 3HO. This kriya is courtesy of YB Teachings, LLC.

This kriya can be found in The Master’s Touch.

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