Meditation for Self-Assessment

This kriya helps us assess how well we coordinate our actions and our words, and begin to bring them into harmony. If they are out of alignment, there will be a duality in personality that we experience as conflict. It is important to regularly assess ourselves in this manner, until the mind is trained to say only what is true. Then we can know the full depth of the self and the unlimited creativity of our human existence.

Part 1: Affirmation

Note: This kriya is especially well-suited to a class setting, where the students can repeat after the teacher. If you would like to practice at home, you can either make a recording of yourself speaking the words and use that for a call and response, or you can simply read the words aloud. 

Posture: Sit straight in Easy Pose, hands in Gyan Mudra.

Affirmation: While the teacher speaks these words, the student listens with eyes closed, then repeats the words aloud. Listen carefully.

Repeat the affirmation 1 time, then open your eyes. Assess what percentage of what was said you totally agreed to in consciousness. 

I am an individual.

Very graceful.

Totally pious.

Absolutely perfect.

Unmistakably beautiful.

There is nothing the word can describe.

I am absolutely righteous.

A living truth.

In my conversation with friends.

In my conversation with enemies.

In my political life.

In my social life.

In my material life.

In my individual life.

In my private life.

I am absolutely correct.



And totally good.

I understand.



I am perfect in knowledge.

I created God.

He never created me.

I am not kidding—it is the truth.

I am talking about it.

Therefore, I am the Creator.

I can create the word "God."

By writing it on the wall.

By speaking it with my tongue.

By communicating with people.

I made the radio.


I print the newspaper.

I spread everything which I know to do.

I am master and owner of this whole Universe.


Time not specified.

Part 2: Chant Ong

Mantra: Chant the mantra Ong. In a class setting, have those who identify with the feminine start and then those who identify with male join in, so that there is an overlapping of the sound with separate starting times. This is the sound of the creativity of the Word.

Continue for 3 – 11 minutes. To end, inhale deeply, hold the breath, and exhale.


We rarely recognize the power of our word in creating our world and our consciousness. Therefore we go through life saying whatever we want and doing whatever we feel.

This can lead to a duality between word and action. This duality creates confusion, inconstancy, and lack of will and radiance. When we say “yes” we should mean exactly that. Use this practice to observe how much your mind is behind what you say, or how phony you are.

© 3HO. This kriya is courtesy of YB Teachings, LLC.

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