Meditation for Dealing with Your Own Mind

According to yoga, the breath is the key to controlling your mind and, therefore, your life. In this kriya, you breathe exclusively through the left nostril, which calms the nervous system, supports the heart, and begins to move you from a mindset of reactivity to positivity.

After two minutes, you may start feeling bored. The negative mind kicks in: “What are you doing this for? This is a waste of time. I could be doing something else.” The mind doesn’t want to be caught. It wants to roam freely. Notice the struggle, and return to the practice.

It’s hard work to control the mind, but in doing so we gain true freedom.

Posture: Sit in Easy Pose with a straight spine.

Breath: Close off your right nostril with your right thumb and inhale deeply through your left nostril. Exhale completely through your mouth.


Continue for 6 minutes. To end, inhale deeply, interlace your fingers and stretch them over your head palms up. Hold your breath for 10-15 seconds while you stretch your spine upward. Exhale and relax.


Long deep breathing through the left nostril is good for the heart and good for the health. It will calm you down. You can train yourself to breathe through either nostril.

© 3HO. This kriya is courtesy of YB Teachings, LLC.

This kriya can be found in Praana Praanee Praanayam available from KRI.

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