Let the Liver Live

Your liver works hard to keep metabolic processes running smoothly and your body free of harmful toxins. This is a challenging set to build a strong and healthy liver.

Right Leg Raised

Posture: Lie on your left side. Place your left hand under your head with the left elbow resting on the ground. Lift the right leg up straight and hold the toes with your right hand. Keep both legs straight.

Breath: Begin Breath of Fire.


Continue for 4 minutes in this posture.

Wheel Pose

Posture: Come into Wheel Pose: lie down on your back and bend the knees. Keep the feet flat on the floor and place the palms on the ground above your shoulders with the fingers pointing towards the feet. Lift the torso off the ground, raising the navel all the way up.

If you are unable to do Wheel Pose, then lie on your back and visualize your body in a perfect Wheel Pose and follow the breathing instructions

Breath: In this posture, take one complete breath through the nose, inhaling and exhaling completely. Then take one complete breath through the mouth, inhaling and exhaling completely. Continue alternating from nose to mouth, taking one complete breath with each.


Continue for 4 minutes.

Right Leg Raised

Posture: Come into the same posture as the first exercise.

Breath: Breath of Fire through the mouth

Continue for 2 minutes.

Standing Forward Bend

Posture: Stand up with legs apart 18 to 24 inches. Bend forward and stretch the hands back through legs to touch the floor. Reach back as far as possible. Keep the head down. Hold this position for 1 minute.

Breath: After 1 minutes in this position, roll the tongue and do Breath of Fire through the rolled tongue for 3 minutes.


Total time is 4 minutes.

Right Leg Raised

Posture: Come into the same position as the first exercise.

Breath: Cannon Breath. Breathe powerfully and explosively through an 'O' shaped mouth.


Continue for 30 seconds.

Stand Up, Sit Down

Posture and movement: Stand up and sit down 52 times without using the hands for support.


Do 52 repetitions.

Rotate Torso

For a strong healthy liver, practice this exercise for 11 minutes every morning and evening.

Posture: Stand with hands on the hips.

Movement: Roll the upper torso in large circles.


Continue for 2 minutes.


Posture: Relax on the back with the hands by the sides, palms facing up. Legs are straight and relaxed.

Time is not specified.

© 3HO. This kriya is courtesy of YB Teachings, LLC.

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