Kriya for Lower Spine and Elimination

The First, Second and Third Chakras associated with the rectum, sex organs and Navel Point are thoroughly exercised in this kriya. It gives flexibility of the spine and improves the power of digestion and elimination of waste and toxins. This is not a beginner’s set; you need some flexibility to do it well.

Bent Leg Forward Bend

Posture: Sit up straight with the legs stretched out. Bring the left leg under the buttocks so you sit on the left heel. Place both hands palm down next to the hips.

Breath and Movement: Inhale deeply As you exhale bend forward. Inhale, come back up.


Continue for 2 minutes.

Forward Bend

Posture: Sit up straight and extend both legs forward. With the palms beside the hips.

Breath and Movement: inhale deeply and exhale. bending forward. bringing the nose toward the knees.


Continue for 2 minutes.

Sit Up Forward Bends

Posture: Lie down on the back.

Breath and Movement: As you exhale. sit up. grasp the toes. and bend forward. Inhale and lie down again. Mentally vibrate Sat on the inhale and Nam on the exhale.


Continue with deep breaths for 2 minutes.

Plow Pose and Forward Bend

Posture: Begin by resting on your back.

Movement: Raise the legs slowly up until the feet touch the ground over the head then let the legs back down. Sit up and grasp the toes. Continue alternating between the two postures. Move smoothly and continuously.


Continue for 2 minutes.

Knees to Chest and Forward Bend

Posture: Lie down on the back.

Movement: Bring the knees into the chest and press them close with your hands. Then extend the legs straight. Then sit up bending forward into Forward Bend. grasping the toes. Continue the cycle.


Continue this cycle rhythmically for 2 minutes.

Forward Bend Spinal Roll

Posture: Bend forward and grasp the toes with the legs out straight.

Movement: Do not let go of the toes as you roll back on your spine into Plow Pose. Roll back and forth without letting go of the toes.


Continue for 2 minutes.


Posture: Lie flat on your back and relax completely.


Time is not specified.

© 3HO. This kriya is courtesy of YB Teachings, LLC.

This kriya can be found in Sadhana Guidelines.

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