Kriya for Inner Vitality and Stamina

This kriya is a simple set. Its effects are immediate. It’s appropriate for beginners and advanced alike. It unleashes the energy that is within you.

It begins by stimulating the Navel Point energy and releasing the reserve energy that is stored there. It brings that energy to all the meridians in the body. Then the exercises systematically awaken the same flow of energy from the solar plexus up to the throat. The kriya then guides the energy to the higher centers and glands.

Finally, it opens the energy superhighway of the sushmuna and the spine. The kriya ends with a short navel meditation for healing that creates the effect of Ang Sang Wahe Guru in every cell of your body.


Balance on Toes and Fingers

Posture: Come onto your hands and feet in triangle pose. Balance on your toes and fingertips with the knees straight but not locked.

Movement: Rapidly move your hips from side to side like an animal swishing its tail.


Continue for 3 minutes.

Easy Pose Lean

Posture: Sitting in easy pose, lean back to sixty degrees. Fold your arms across your chest and lock your elbows with your hands at diaphragm level.

Movement: Keep your neck straight with your chin pulled in and roll your shoulders in a forward circle.


Continue for 3 minutes.

Baby Pose

Posture: Come into baby pose. Bring both hands to the small of your back and interlock your fingers. Raise your arms up into yoga mudra.

Breath: Relax the breath.


Continue for 3 minutes.

Lean Back Lotus

Posture: Cross your legs in lotus pose and lean back on your elbows.

Breath: Relax the breath.


Continue for 3 minutes.

Touch Toes

Posture: Stretch your legs out in front of you and grab your toes.

Breath and Movement: Bring your head to your knees and come back up. Breathe normally, do not do breath of fire.


Do this movement rapidly only 11 times.


Posture: Sit in easy pose, with your hands in prayer pose at the center of your chest.  Keep your chin in, chest out, neck straight.


Focus: Focus your eyes at the tip of your nose and imagine 30 trillion points of light in and around you.

Movement: Pump your navel point.


Continue for 3 minutes, then inhale deeply, hold your breath and tighten every muscle of your body. Hold the breath for 10 seconds and then exhale through the mouth explosively like cannon fire. Repeat this 2 more times.

© 3HO. This kriya is courtesy of YB Teachings, LLC.

This kriya can be found in Physical Wisdom.

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