Kriya for Energy & Rejuvenation

This kriya addresses issues specifically related to strengthening one’s capacity to endure. It builds stamina, courage and strength, physically, mentally and spiritually so that you can meet the challenges of the new Age with grace and vitality.

This set is to be done at the bathroom sink or someplace where you have a partner, a bar or a support to hold on to.

Bend and Stretch

Grab the edge of a sink, stable chair, or your partner, and walk the feet back until you are holding your body at a 45 degree slope from heels to head. You will feel a stretch in your hamstrings. Begin raising and lowering alternate heels, walking in place without lifting the toes off the ground. Arms and legs are fully extended and the body bends slightly in the middle. As you walk, you may lower your head; it does not have to be held up. Walk vigorously and work up a sweat.


Continue for 11 minutes.

Standing Arm Swings

Stand with the feet shoulder width apart and extend the arms above your head with the palms facing forward, the elbows slightly bent, and the fingers spread wide apart. Swing your arms from side to side, keeping the hands above shoulder level. The momentum of the arm swing will cause the hips to swing if you are doing the movement with enough force.


Continue for 11 minutes.

Bend and Stretch

Once again grab the edge of the sink, stable chair, or a partner. Bend at the waist with your head down between your arms. You will feel a stretch in your lower back and in the backs of your legs. Relax and stretch.

Continue for 11 minutes.


Vitality doesn’t mean just energy; it also means a moral and ethical integrity that guides our identity and our decision-making; a flexibility and tolerance that not only allows for differences but also forgives shortcomings; and a capacity for change that embraces the future with hope instead of succumbing to doubt or fear.

As we transition to the Aquarian Age, the ability to surrender to the flow will make or break our capacity to respond effectively, because the pressures will only continue to increase. We all need to be as vital as we can possibly be in order to serve and uplift ourselves and everyone around us.

Vitality depends on a strong Navel Point; the ability to absorb and use prana—in your breath, your food and your environments; efficient metabolism, digestion and elimination; a strong and flexible spine; and the capacity to relax and restore.

© 3HO. This kriya is courtesy of YB Teachings, LLC.

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