Experience the Gift of Life

This meditation may test your grit but keep up to experience the gift of life. Begin with only 3 minutes and slowly increase the time to 31 minutes.

The Practice

Posture: Rock Pose. Sit on the heels with the spine straight. Point the chin straight up as high as possible without impinging or cramping the neck. Raising the chin may cause the jaws to lock.

Mudra: Bring the hands in front of the throat and place the left hand on top of the right, palms down. The left hand points to the right and the right to the left. Keep both arms parallel to the ground.

Eyes: 1/10th open.

Segmented Breath: Deeply inhale in four equal parts. Completely exhale in four equal parts.

Mantra: Sohung. On the inhale, mentally vibrate So with each part of the 4-part inhale (So So So So); on the exhale, mentally vibrate Hung, once for each part of the 4-part exhale (Hung Hung Hung Hung).

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Begin with only 3 minutes and slowly increase the time to 31 minutes.


The key to this meditation is to keep the chin raised as high as possible, pointing up at all times. Your body and mind will want to lower your chin but don’t give an inch.

© 3HO. This kriya is courtesy of YB Teachings, LLC.

This meditation was originally taught on March 24, 1977 and can be found in Kriya: Yoga Sets, Meditations, & Classic Kriyas.

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