Earthquake Meditation: When You’ve Lost Your Ground

This meditation resets our brain after a shock—especially those that rapidly shift our magnetic field. It quells our emotional reactions to change. It is an “earthquake meditation” for actual earthquakes and for the sudden shocks that happen in all aspects of our lives.


The Practice

Posture: Sit straight in a meditative posture.

Mudra: Slightly cup your left hand and hold it over the left ear. Hold the left arm in front of you so that the upper arm is parallel to the ground. Bring your right hand into a fist up by your ear, Conch Mudra.

We create a polarity with our hands and their motion. The right hand forms a conch: the curled fingers cascade on the palms so the hand looks like a conch or sea shell. This hovers gently beside the right ear. You bring it close to the ear and can even allow it to touch; but you must be able to hear the shift in the sound, just as you do in a sea shell.

Mantra: Strike the side of your head with your left hand in time with the mantra Saa Taa Naa Maa sung in the traditional way.

Listen carefully as you bring your hand close to the ear and you will notice when the sound seems to open up or have an added dimension to it. In order to hold that position, the right wrist bends upward at a slight angle. Once positioned, the hand stays still. You listen to the formless sound. This is your unknown. This is the soundless sound; it is the source of Naad.

The left hand is the polarity. It is all about action. You make the hand into a cup, with the thumb along the side of the index finger. Rhythmically strike the left side of your head as you pulse the sounds in this way: one syllable with each strike of the ear.

This creates a voluntary shock. It is a gentle motion that never repeats exactly the same. No matter how much you try, there is a small variation in the muscles. The brain senses this subtle but rhythmic variation and the organs of the inner ear, which give us balance and orient our body in space, are stimulated. The two hemispheres of the brain have to adjust and account for what is happening and help us act decisively.

Eyes: Eyes are focused on the tip of the nose.

Focus: Meditate on each syllable, drawing it in through the Crown Chakra, and projecting it out through the Brow Point.


Continue for 11-31 minutes.


In this meditation, we use the 5 sounds of the Panj Shabd: Sa Ta Na Ma, which command and organize our inner sound. If the inner sounds of our being have a steady, harmonious rhythm, we can respond outwardly in the same way. Between stillness and the pulse of the shabad, we reach a profound state of neutrality that allows our intuition to act.

Our mind can come under our full control within 15 minutes of consciously pulsing these sounds. With this meditation, any crisis becomes just another day to experience your unknown and to demonstrate your character and grace to your Self and to the world. You become trustworthy, intuitive and balanced.

© 3HO. This kriya is courtesy of YB Teachings, LLC.

This meditation can be fount in the KRI Level 2 Vitality and Stress manual.

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