Kriya for Clarity of Thought and Expanding Lung Capacity

This kriya expands and purifies the lungs. The greater the lung capacity, the greater the intake of oxygen, which cleans the blood, strengthens immunity, and allows for greater disease resistance. 

Clean, oxygenated blood helps the brain and organs work better. This kriya is best practiced on an empty stomach.

Part 1

Posture: Sit straight in Easy Pose with the hands resting on the knees. Pull the lower rib cage forward as far as possible, and keep it forward throughout. Do not lean. Hold the head and neck in chin lock.

Eyes: 1/10th open.

Breath: Inhale deeply through the nose and hold the breath in. Then exhale completely through the mouth and hold the breath out. Create your own rhythm, timing your breath in equal halves. First inhale-hold, then exhale-hold. Set a consistent maximum length duration based on your lung capacity.


Continue for 15 minutes. To end, inhale deep, then exhale. Again inhale deep, then exhale. Immediately begin Part 2.

Part 2

Continue holding the posture, ribs forward, eyes 1/10th open, and begin a powerful Breath of Fire.

Continue for 3 minutes. To end, inhale, and relax.


If you can keep the ribcage forward during both the inhale and exhale, you can clean the lungs and purify whatever is stuck there.

Prana enters our body through the breath of life. Air is not prana, but it is the medium for prana. The purpose of the lungs is to clean the air, extracting both the pranic energy and the oxygen. Oxygen purifies the blood. The prana gives life.

When lung capacity shrinks, oxygen intake shrinks, and the blood is not properly cleaned. Without clean blood, we are more vulnerable to infections.

© 3HO. This kriya is courtesy of YB Teachings, LLC.

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