Adjust Your Flow – The Four U’s

This set invigorates you by adjusting your Pranic Body with your Auric Body. These postures are called the 4 U’s and they are “for you.” They set the nervous system to withstand the pressures of society and challenges of the times.

Though the full time for each posture is 11 minutes, practice according to your individual ability. You may eventually be able to do each posture for 11 minutes for 11 days without moving a muscle, which is said to create nerves as strong as steel.

Anytime you do this kriya, you need to do a deep relaxation afterwards.

'U' on the Back

Lie down flat on the back. Raise the legs and arms straight up to 90 degrees. Point the toes. Knees and elbows are straight. Hold steady and think about what good you have done since you have come to planet Earth. Reconcile activities with your beautiful intelligence. We are moving the life force energy without any movement. Keep yourself in the posture no matter what. The energy will adjust itself.


Continue for 11 minutes.

'U' in Plough Pose

Still lying on the back, bring the hands straight up over the head on the ground. Then raise the !ower body up into a modified Plow Pose, with the legs straight over the head but parallel to the ground. This is a simple flow of energy, a simple way of just being.


Continue for 11 minutes.

'U' Sitting Up

Come sitting up and stretch the legs out in front; the arms extend toward the toes, palms down and parallel to the ground. The back is straight and steady, like a statue. The pain and disturbance comes in the adjustment of the pranic energy. You feel the pressure of the muscles adjusting themselves. Chinese call it "chi" energy, Japanese call it "qi" energy, and we call it "ji" energy. “Ji" means the soul, the inner Self, the being. Meditate, chant and recite anything mentally or verbally, but keep the posture perfect.


Continue for 11 minutes.

'U' Standing

Stand up straight and bend over at the waist so the torso is parallel to the ground. Keep the back and neck straight. The arms will hang loosely down towards the ground. Form a "U" with your body. Don't bend down to the toes. You can chant or meditate to keep your self going.


Continue for 11 minutes.

Deep Relaxation

Relax on the back. Listen to a gong, if available.


Continue for 10 minutes.

© 3HO. This kriya is courtesy of YB Teachings, LLC.

This kriya was originally taught on July 5, 1984. It can be found on the Library of Teachings and in I am a Woman.

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