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May 2011 Numerology Forecast: Check Your Emotional Seismograph

By Nam Hari Kaur Khalsa, California, USA

The month of May brings a restless intensity of spirit that is looking for a major life breakthrough. We will find ourselves thinking, planning, and strategizing our next great move in life, while deciding who we would like to take along for the ride.

Number 5 represents change, and the risks we are willing to take to implement those changes. Five also embodies the emotions of flexibility and tolerance; however since 5 is challenged this month, we will be noticing a lack of flexibility in peoples’ behavior. This will require us to become very quick and emotionally agile in order to avoid another person’s intolerance and aggravated outburst. Look out, because it’s definitely coming. Does this mean you have to walk around looking over your shoulder all the time? No, of course not. What it does mean is that you need to develop an “emotional seismograph” in order to navigate around the brewing storm. Everything in nature gives a warning first. You just need to develop the sophisticated sensitivity to tune into it. The wildlife of the land is always on the run before the tsunami hits the shoreline. We as humans need to develop the ability to decipher the subtle cues in the environment (including human behavior) so we are not blindsided by misfortune. Have you ever heard yourself say, “I knew it, I just knew it!” but you still didn’t listen?

We are moving into an accelerated flow of time which does not allow for careless mistakes. This need not create fear, and as I like to say: “It’s not beware, it’s be aware.”

May brings a time of increased effectiveness in the area of future planning. Get your ducks in a row now so you don’t end up having to row against the tide later in the year. The calendar year of 2011 has the interesting effect of sharply bringing the actions you initiated in the first half of the year full circle into the last quarter of the year—kind of like a boomerang. This can be tremendously positive if you have been doing your spiritual homework, or a total let-down if not. We are in the zone of “no middle ground.” There is now the ability to swiftly manifest and play out our thoughts and desires. This can be fantastic, or a total nightmare. The key is to keep your mind clear so that you are not in the vicious cycle of your subconscious habit patterns. This requires discipline. Five represents the ability to create a structure of healthy habits so we can experience the freedom of our higher self. As Yogi Bhajan has said, we should be, “Contained, Content, and Conscious.” These three touchstones create a triangle of stability for our spirit. Having a base of containing our energy in a discipline will then connect us to a consistent space of contentment. This allows us to rest on our own pinnacle of Consciousness. It really is just that simple.

Five represents the physical body and the quality of endurance. This is a good time to check in with yourself and ask the question, “How is my health, and is there room for improvement?” Remember, next year in 2012 (2+0+1+2=5) there will be many changes on planet Earth. These changes will challenge us on a physical, mental, and emotional level. Increasing your endurance now will serve you well later. Making time for your own well-being is a human requirement. We all have pressures which consume our energy and make it easy to create excuses for self-neglect. Shift your priorities so there is time in the day for nurturing your health and spiritual growth.

Looking to the world of music, there was a popular singer and actress who started out in the 1930’s named Lena Horne. She had a particularly difficult path to forge in the entertainment industry of her day, because not only was she a woman, she was of Black-Caucasian ethnicity—not the power card of those times. In some parts of the United States there were still White/Colored signs on the drinking fountains. Her early films of the 40’s often had to be re-edited, because if the film was shown in a U.S theater where black people were not allowed to enter, her role was left out. Also, no black people were allowed to have a leading role in film in the 1940’s.

As society evolved, Lena did gain a presence in film, and also made grand strides in the music industry. In 1981 she won a Tony Award and two Grammys for her Broadway show “Lena Horne: The Lady and Her Music.” Lena was later honored with a Grammy Lifetime Achievement Award in 1989. From her humble beginnings in the 1930‘s where she started out as a chorus girl at the Cotton Club in NYC, to her farewell performance at Carnegie Hall in 1993, Lena Horne carried herself with a grace and dignity which defied all obstacles and boundaries. She excelled in spite of the negative forces around her who felt that she should “know her place” and just stay there. Six decades later someone asked her how she was able to maintain herself in spite of all the odds against her. Lena’s simple reply was, “It’s not the weight that breaks you; it’s how you carry it.”

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