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Master the Moment with Your Mastery Number

By Nam Hari

The alarm clock rings. I awake and brew my organic Sumatra coffee, add a gentle splash of half and half cream to the coffee mug, and sit by the window to look at the stars in the pre-dawn sky. I then do my meditations, go for a walk in the neighborhood, and sit again for a moment to collect my thoughts for the day.

Then, it’s email time. As the blue dots fill the ‘today’ column, I can already feel the underlying resonance of: “What’s going to happen?” “Will I be okay?” “What should I do?” ebbing from the computer screen.

This is all good, as everyone has issues that are specific to their personal circumstance. Yet, at this time there is one answer that applies to all.

And that answer would be, “It is all about the Mastery of the Moment”—being entirely present in the “now” moment, lucid and aware; without your mental energy spinning into negative imaginings that exist only in your head. You can lose 50% of your life force in this mental tail-spin, and it won’t take you anywhere you want to go.

“Well, what should I do then?” you might ask. One of the best things you can do is engage with the positive polarity of the overall number for 2020, which is the number 4.

Number 4 represents the words we speak, either out loud or in our head. Words have a vibration and frequency, and this frequency is like the rudder on a boat that sets the direction for your life.

Whether through uplifting dialogue, positive affirmation, or mantra, you are directing the quality of the days ahead by your spoken words.

Our emotions can be the heavy winds that guide our words, so let’s look for solutions in the Mastery calculation, which is the month of birth. Your Mastery number has much to do with your relationships with others, and what you consciously or unconsciously expect from people.

Creative consciousness is the theme of the day, so let’s explore how to better understand our emotional landscape.

Your Mastery number is the number of the month in which you were born. January = 1, February = 2, etc.

Mastery of 1

You are here to learn self-reliance, while at the same time knowing that the Universe has your back. When you take action based on your ability to come through for yourself you can then manifest your innate talent and abilities. It is all there for you, and developing a sense of relaxed confidence will help to ease you into the next best step on your journey. Affirming to yourself, “I am the light of my Soul, I am, I am,” is a good way to start the day.

When working with others it can help to have a gracious initiative approach, as in, “I can help out with this part of the project. Please let me know where you feel best bringing your gifts and talents.” The number 1 needs to remember the old Beatles song. “We Can Work it Out.” As in, “Life is very short, and there’s no time for fussing and fighting my friend.”

Mastery of 2

Boundaries, boundaries, boundaries! Know what to say “Yes” to, and when to clearly say “No.” Number 2 is the snuggle-muffin number, and longs for a cozy connectedness with others. This is great as long as you are not being taken advantage of, so be sure to ask yourself the question, “Are my needs being respected, or am I losing energy here?” Sort this out for yourself now, and you will avoid unnecessary stress later in the year.

Be sure to have your “Go-to” Saint or Angel resting in your heart, as developing a prayerful line of communication with them is how you can feel supported amidst the emotional tidal waves on the planet.

Mastery of 3

Nurture yourself first, and then look around to see who needs help. You have a desire to be loved by being the happy-helper, but if you haven’t eaten your veggies, taken your vitamins and walked your 3 miles, you will end up feeling like an angry worn out dish rag by the end of the day. Prioritize yourself in the equation, and give from your abundance and not your depletion.

Number 3 is also the liver, so drinking lemon water can help cool down and eliminate toxins. Bring humor into the picture by watching funny movies or comedy skits on Youtube (one of my favorite things to do!). Spin back in time with some music therapy of favorite songs from your teenage years.

Then, create a new soup recipe to share with friends or family. It’s easy, just take any kind of pureed beans and add sauteed onions, garlic, a dash of chili powder and sea salt. Then add a few steamed or sautéed veggies and now you have your very own secret recipe.

Mastery of 4

Steady as she goes, and don’t over commit! Number 4 hates to be seen as irresponsible, and doesn’t like it when others are. Try to shift away from the word “should,” as nobody really wants to hear that right now. When 4 gets rigid it can be judgmental as in, “How dare they do something like that!” Best to be a little bit more neutral, as right now opinions are flying high and you could wear yourself out with others’ concerns.

Say to yourself, “My measured steps secure my protection and wellness.” Having or creating small projects to work on is essential, as number 4 loves to feel effective and worthy. Counseling or coaching others in measured doses can be rewarding as well.

It is beneficial for those with number 4 to occupy themselves with something they are totally in control of, like a crossword or jigsaw puzzle. The measured calculating steps of these activities can bring them into a calming neutral space.

Mastery of 5

It’s not easy being you right now, as number 5 represents freedom! Five is also the physical body, so take those walks and log onto whatever Zoom classes and Youtube videos you can to stay flexible and active.

Planning a future trip would be a good way to feel less trapped (the worst for 5’s), and encouraged about the future. I just bought the entire season of “Below Deck,” a reality TV show about a yacht crew traveling the Greek islands. It’s the drama, intensity, and intrigue of 12 young crew members trying to keep it together as they care for the incredibly wealthy folks who charter the boat. Fun stuff!

Five is additionally communication, and you may have a moment where you want to blast someone with your idea of the truth. Temper, temper, as tone of voice, vocabulary, and physical posture are all a part of how well your divine insights will be received. As the Saints say, “When you speak from the heart you rule, and when you speak from the head you destroy.”

Mastery of 6

Feeling protected and well supplied are two of your highest priorities, so this hasn’t been the easiest of times for you. First of all, don’t watch too much news. It has the tendency to stick with you, and you end up worrying about things you can’t control. Focus on what you can control, which is your mind and your environment.

You have probably managed to accumulate more hand sanitizer than anyone else, but that only goes so far towards your total well-being. Try to have more virtual tea parties, or any excuse to gather and chat with others. Number 6 is family and community, so having a virtual movie night with others you care about will help you to feel loved and connected.

Justice and fair play are dear to the number 6, so if you are feeling unfairly treated by someone you can say, “I would like things to be more fair and balanced between us, would you have a minute to sit down and talk things through with me?” Now you’re on the road to recovery!

Mastery of 7

Seven is considered the lonely number in the science of Numerology, so make an extra effort not to get too isolated. You need your alone time, but not to excess. Seven is the voice, so talking and hearing a kind voice is super important for you.

Try creating a virtual karaoke cafe, where you and others sing songs from a happier time in the past. Seven is elevation, so when feeling pressured or confused ask yourself the question, “How can I now best elevate myself?”

The Water Element is in the domain of number 7, and having a cup of tea or taking a shower or bath can help to relieve emotional tension.

Your ability to trust your own inner knowingness is imperative now, so keep your daily meditation practice strong so there can be a clear point of reference. Reading inspirational writings will help shift the flow of your thoughts to a more lofty place.

Mastery of 8

Breathe and breathe deeply! This is the best way to shake off fear and anxiety, as number 8 is the lungs and Pranic Body. You don’t like to feel powerless, and there is an element of surrender that is uncomfortable for you right now. Your time to expand and excel will come again, so don’t lose energy festering in negative emotions.

Avoid power struggles as there is no way to “win” and still keep everyone happy. It will likely just set the stage for more drama.

Create a gentle structure for your day so you can feel a sense of purpose and control. Working with others on any kind of a virtual project will help to keep your spirits up. The ability to manifest is still there for you, and co-creation will allow you to harmonize better with those in your environment.

Mastery of 9

Patience, patience, patience! Number 9 is always dreaming and visioning towards the future, yet there is a measured path to get there. You may be feeling impatient with others, so give yourself a time-out when feeling worked-up about anything.

Number 9 has a connection to the Fire Element, and once it starts raging it can be difficult to put out! Right now anything you can practice, whether it be music, art, photography, Tai Chi, Jane Fonda workout, 5 Tibetan Rites, or gardening, do it with a focused intensity each day. Tell yourself, “I got this, I am mastering my craft.” Good medicine!

Mastery of 10

Oh my, these days are a challenge for you! The imperial number 10 does not like to be told what to do, or have rules made up for it. Being the archetype of the King, Queen, or Warrior, the number 10 has an inherent sense of personal domain and resonates with the song, “I Did It My Way” (yes, Frank Sinatra).

Well, nobody is having things exactly their way right now, so being a leader who is empowered with negotiation skills and diplomacy is the best way of navigating the world. Using inclusive language like, “There are no problems, only solutions,” and, “I know we can work together effectively on this,” will get you much further than any grandstanding posture.

Be proud of yourself, and also know that a touch of humility can sometimes melt the resistance of another, and clear the way for effective communication.

Mastery of 11

“This little light of mine, I‘m gonna let it shine!”  You are here to bring the light of truth and inspiration to people’s lives, even if they don’t always appreciate you for it. The number 11 is not always understood, and yet still seeks a relationship where their innermost self is cherished.

Aligning yourself with a spiritual ally is one of your best strategies for navigating the earth plane, so aim higher to the heavens to achieve this. Your Guardian Angel is your co-pilot in life, as the ground crew may come and go.

You can always find elevation in music and song, and by having a spiritual practice that includes chanting will elevate you above the clouds of doubt and worry.

Avoid jealousy, as you must train yourself to see past the illusion of the moment. Every house has a room you can’t see from curbside, and the baggage in that room may be more than you can handle. Discretion is the better part of valor.

Mastery of 12

The number 12 embodies all of the qualities of the number 3, with the addition of being the archetype of the “Good Shepard.” You are here to hold a space for others through leadership and caring. As with the number 3, just be sure to care for and nurture yourself too. The anger you feel at times for the injustices of the world needs to be directed towards conscious dialogue with like-minded spirits.

A sense of belonging is important to you, so being part of a team, club or organization will satisfy your need for inclusiveness. “We’re in this together,” and “I’ve got your back,” are sayings that resonate with the number12. 

This present time and space is the new field of dreams for you, as there are abundant opportunities to organize and co-create with others. Your vision for a future that cares for the well-being of all is what the number 12 was born to create.

Would you like to know more? Nam Hari can do a personal reading for you over the phone or by Skype. The numbers of your birth date hold the answers to your life’s creative magic and inspired potential. Nam Hari specializes in the area of relationships, and by revealing the parallel and diagonal lines of energy between you and another, a new dimension of understanding is achieved. Nam Hari also offers an independent study course in the science of Numerology. Contact: Nam Hari  575-305-0017  or  [email protected]