Becoming Like Angels

To become like angels we need the inner strength to be secure, to give to all, to be con­sumed in the ser­vice of life and destiny. This set, done properly, is said to give you the health and inner energy to live from your angelic nature.

Meditation to Open the Lock of the Heart

The heavy jolt of this exercise, as you spring your hands and arms apart, will cause a jerking reaction in your chest cavity, which will open up your Heart Center. Opening your heart center is opening up to your own Infinity.

Kriya for Becoming Intuitive

These exercises gently work on the pituitary. They recharge and enrich your energy and counteract frustration, depression, and computer sicknesses.

Experience Your Own Strength

This is a challenging 9-part kriya that will make you sweat. It can instill power, courage, and guidance, and expand your reserve energy.

New Lungs and Circulation

This set rebuilds the lungs and improves circulation throughout the body. It is a rhythmical and short kriya for intermediate students or for enthusiastic beginners who are in good condition.

Pittra Kriya

Practice this kriya for 33 minutes a day to alleviate stress in your life. These exercises need to be done together and should not be done for less than or more than 11 minutes each.