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Sat Nam Foundation

Sat Nam Foundation empowers yogis around the world to give back in service. Our grant was used to support the installment of a rainwater cistern to provide children at Ramana's Garden in Rishikesh with clean water.

Clean Water Saves Lives

By Michael Jaidev

Inspired by our successful rainwater harvesting project in Puerto Rico, we initiated a project with Ramana’s Garden Children’s home to help them upgrade their systems of water. We witnessed the value of autonomous systems of living (i.e. water, energy, food) throughout our service missions, and our goal is to empower communities with these life-giving systems.

Our planning efforts were focused on installing clean water systems for the children at Ramana’s. As the monsoon season arrived, it became apparent that the rain-harvesting systems in place were faulty. The water that was being collected and stored had a foul odor and a brownish color. They have also been suffering from flooding problems. We realized that we will be more effective if we troubleshoot and upgrade their existing systems.

Simultaneously, the school has been facing an energy crisis. The grid has become unreliable and the children are sometimes left without lights or fans. The staff at Ramana’s Garden requested that we focus a portion of our support on installing a solar power system. Currently, they have a system in place that only supports 30-40% of their needs. Their request fits well within our mission to provide water, food and energy independence. We are now partnering with a team from Tesla to install a state of the art solar energy system at Ramana’s Garden.

Thankfully, we find that when we serve with an open heart, flexibility and patience come naturally.

A group of volunteers will head to Ramana’s Garden in November to carry out this seva project. Please tune in to our Facebook page and/or sign up for our newsletter for updates.

In August, Gurmukh initiated a Sat Nam Foundation project to serve the children at Manjushree Orphanage. In March, we will travel high into the Himalayas to visit Manjushree and take diagnostics of the needs of the orphanage. At the moment, they are mostly funded by a nonprofit organization (FMVSO), however they will discontinue support in 2020 due to personal issues. Sat Nam Foundation is stepping in to raise funds for the orphanage and establish sustainable systems of energy, water and food that will support this orphanage for the decades to come.

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Sat Nam!

At a young age, Michael Jaidev was teaching math and science to middle school children in Los Angeles while simultaneously being trained in Kundalini Yoga. The discovery of Kundalini Yoga dramatically shifted his approach in the classroom and delivered positive results. In 2007 he led a children’s program in Alaska, and fell in love with the Wild! He left the big city of LA and moved to Alaska where he led “Wilderness Therapy” expeditions and infused the programs with yogic technology. In between Alaskan adventures, he lived in the valleys of Hawaii and traveled across the world training in various martial arts, yoga, and healthy lifestyles. Involved in the KY community, he taught “Outdoor Skills” at Khalsa Youth Camp for a couple years and began volunteering with Sat Nam Fest in 2011. His service at Sat Nam Fest organically evolved into a job where he develops and coordinates the volunteer program. After 3 months volunteering with Sat Nam Foundation in Greece, he happily accepted the position as Director of Operations. Since 2016 he has activated projects in Puerto Rico, Mexico and India. He currently lives with his wife and son in Tepoztlan, Mexico.