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A Lesson of Keeping Up

By Sewa Singh

This guy keeps yelling “Keep up…Keep up…KEEP UP!” “Oh, God!” I thought, “Why did I come here? Why can’t I stop? Why am I subjecting myself to this torture? When is this going to end?”

Yes, of course, this was my first Kundalini Yoga class (about 43 years ago) and I was beginning to understand why there were only a few other students in the class. The word must have gotten out: “This teacher is insane and instructs his students to go against every natural human instinct and shred of common sense.”

Over and over he requested that we keep up generating pain to areas of our bodies and minds that we previously didn’t even know existed. I couldn’t give up, I wouldn’t give up, and because of reasons beyond my comprehension, I didn’t give up. It made no sense at the time but today I am grateful that by God’s Grace I did keep up and have been kept up.

I am grateful that those hidden areas of my being that suffered such a rude and painful wake-up call those many years ago have all become close friends and great supporters of my health, happiness and good behavior. As it turned out, that teacher, Gurupreet Singh, wasn’t crazy at all. He had experienced for himself that some immeasurably precious gifts can only be bestowed upon one’s self by keeping up through difficult and painful times. Lucky for me, he and his wife, Gurupreet Kaur, had the courage to share their experience in spite of what anyone might think of them. I am so grateful to them for teaching the lesson of keeping up, by keeping up.