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Creating Magnetic Fields to Expand Your Inner Self

The "Agan Granthi" is at the heart center. It is the place for the fire element of life; it circulates and purifies the blood and digests the food. It creates all the juices in us. When the energy here is not circulated properly, it can destroy us; it makes us angry, limited, intolerant, and uncommitted.

Sometimes the most difficult thing for a person to do is to shift gears; shifting from anger or frustration to something more productive, moving the energy from one chakra to another. We are all built to be wise, intelligent, peaceful, and helpful. Why are our lives not that way? In the West, we feel that if we build our outside and expand ourselves materially, we will be strong and balance our lives, but this is wrong. There is an inner law that for every expansion, there is a corresponding contraction.

You must work first to develop the spiritual power inside, then the power of the outside world will become smaller and you shall command. Try to understand through your experience, the difference in effect of the three different mantras played in exercises eight, nine, and ten. It will help you to understand how communication changes depending upon the chakra from which the communication is projected.

In chanting all three mantras, be sure to use the tip of the tongue to create the sound current.

1. Hand Circles

Sit in Easy Pose. Bring your hands in front of your chest, with the fingers spread and slightly rounded. The hands are about six to eight inches apart, with the palms facing each other. Move the hands in circles, as if your hands are pedaling a bicycle. Move rapidly and feel a magnetic field being built between your two hands. Your hands will pick up their own magnetic identity, a vibratory magnetic field. Create a mental rage to fuel the movement. Imagine your worst enemy and use that feeling. Continue for 3 minutes 30 seconds.


2. Slap Floor

Stay in Easy Pose and bend forward. Look at the floor and use your open hands to beat at it, but do not touch it. Once again you are using your hands to create a magnetic field. If you touch the floor you will lose the energy field you are creating. Move powerfully, using your anger, and you will find that this exercise will create a breath that cannot be achieved any other way. Continue for 2 minutes.

Sometimes your own magnetic field and the Earth's magnetic field get out of sync, and that can make you very insecure.


3. Spine Flex

Lie down on your back and pretend that you are lying on a "spinal-ator," one of those machines that you lie down upon and it flexes the spine from hips to shoulders. Vibrate and undulate your spine, bouncing your buttocks against the ground. Continue for 2 minutes.


4. Hip Raise

This position is hard to do, but it is soothing to the nerves. Lie down at on your back, raise your hips up and make an arc of your body from heels to shoulders. Allow no bend in your knees. Using your shoulders as an anchor, begin rapidly clapping your hands as hard as you can without actually letting your hands touch. Move fast, keep the slant, and stretch the navel out. Continue for 1 minute 30 seconds.


5. Massage Face

Lie down on your back, place your palms against your face on either side of your nose. Begin massaging your face with circular motions of your hands, rubbing the sides of your nose in the process. Nose has to be massaged on the outside. While doing this massage, go to sleep. Hypnotize yourself. Mantra: Sat Naam Wahe Guru. Continue for 8 minutes.

In the class, Yogi Bhajan played the "Sat Nam, Wahe Guru #1 Indian Version" tape as he did a gong meditation.


6. Deep Relaxation

Place your arms by your sides and deeply relax. Plunge into a deep nap. Let your mind go into a deep sleep. Continue for 5 minutes.


7. Pound Chest

Still lying down, close your fists very tightly, and heavily pound at your heart center, "King Kong" style, but without actually touching your chest. This is a heavy, vigorous movement. Continue for 1 minute 30 seconds.


8. Chanting

Still on your back, place your hands at your heart center, and totally relax. Chant with the recording "Sat Nam Wahe Guru #1, Indian Version" and get lost in the heart center sound current of the chant. Mantra: Sat Naam, Sat Naam, Jee Sat Naam, Sat Naam, Jee Wha Hay Guroo Wha Hay Guroo Wha Hay Guroo Wha Hay Guroo. Continue for 3 minutes 30 seconds.


9. Chanting

Place your hands on your forehead over your third eye point and chant along with Singh Kaur's tape of Wahe Guru Jio. Notice the difference between the music for this exercise and the last one. The previous chant was from the heart center and this one is from the third eye. Mantra: Wahe Guru, Wahe Guru, Wahe Guru, Wahe Jio. Continue for 3 minutes 30 seconds.


10. Chanting

This chant is from the navel center. It has a different rhythm and effect. Place your hands over your navel point, concentrate there, and chant with the musical part of Liv Singh's Har, Har, Mukande with Affirmation ("Let thy soul be awakened"). Continue for 3 minutes. To end, inhale, roll your hands and feet, and wake up.

Taught on 3/26/86

© KRI. This kriya is courtesy of YB Teachings, LLC. Used with permission.

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This kriya can be found in Infinity and Me and in the Yogi Bhajan Library of Teachings.