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What is the Auric Field?

By Doug Wilson

Electric current is the phenomena of small particles, known as electrons, flowing along a conductive medium such as a copper wire. A useful and intriguing characteristic of electric current is that its flow creates a magnetic field. This can be seen in the high school science experiment of Electromagnetic Induction.

For this experiment, a simple circuit is created by wrapping a long copper wire around an iron nail, then connecting it to a battery and an on/off switch. When the switch is on, the electric current runs through the circuit, which causes the nail to become magnetic and attract other metal objects like paper clips.

When the switch is turned off, the paper clip will fall to the ground. A higher voltage of battery produces a more powerful current which induces a stronger magnetic field.

The human body is similarly comprised of biological circuits that carry electric current throughout the complex wiring systems of our organism. These electric currents are generated on multiple layers and result in the formation of an electromagnetic field around our physical body, something historically referred to as an aura.

Scientific research and techniques like electrophotography have observed that all matter in existence radiates an electromagnetic (auric) field. In the case of inanimate objects, such as a rock, or a pencil, the changes in these fields are minimal.

Living objects, however, show continuous change in their auric fields. The human aura is directly associated to a person's health and wellbeing. Physical vitality, mental clarity, emotional stability and highly tuned spiritual energies will result in a larger, brighter and more protective radiance. Conversely, an unhealthy person’s aura is dim and weak.

The significance of this is often overlooked in modern society. The aura acts as more than a reflection of our internal vibrancy. It’s our first line of defense from detrimental environmental factors. It plays a role in our decision-making and how we communicate nonverbally with other people.

Our auras also interact directly with the laws of attraction, just like the nail and the paper clip. What we vibrate internally, we attract with the relative power of our auric fields.

We’re all capable of sensing subtle energy. It’s common for people to feel someone's presence, or become overwhelmed by the negative energy of another human being. People with very strong auras are not influenced by the negative forces surrounding them, but rather bring peace and calm with their presence. This isn’t a secret, merely a forgotten truth.

Anyone who dedicates the time and self-discipline to change their internal vibrations and strengthen their aura will have a positive effect on the world around them while gaining protection from negative forces that deplete our energy. Kundalini Yoga offers many tools and techniques to expand and strengthen the radiance of our aura by increasing the voltage of our vibrational energy. This is beneficial to anyone wishing to evolve the human sensory system and find greater ease within the demands of our modern world.

Kundalini Running founder Doug Wilson overcame a life threatening brain tumor in 2013 and used Yoga & Meditation to support his rehabilitation. In just over 12 months after suffering extensive cranial nerve damage, meningitis and leaving the hospital in a wheelchair, he became the first person to run 7 competitive marathons on the 7 continents in under 7 days. Doug now teaches these valuable techniques for maintaining health, well-being and coping with stress in the modern world. His scientific knowledge of yoga is backed up by practical, real world experiences that make his classes and workshops informative while opening the body, mind and spirit.