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The Magical Boundary Bubble

By Bhavanjot Kaur

“These are the chakras, the psychic centers, the centers of consciousness. But it does not end here. It is one, two, three, four, five, six, seven and you have this—we call it Circumvent Force. In all these lectures, this word will come again and again. We call it Circumvent Force or Divine protective shield. Any psychic who can read an aura of a person knows it is white. It’s a white moonlit night, like an arc around the person. And how much it glitters, that is the strength of the person.”
-Yogi Bhajan 9/20/71

My seven-year-old daughter and I were sitting down for dinner the other night and, like most times, she surprised me with her choice of conversation topics. Her curiosity, her intuition and her humor never cease to amaze me. 

She asked, "Mom, when was God born?" I thought that this was an interesting question, but one of the many that I do not have the exact answer for. I responded with all I could come up with in the moment, which was, "A very long time ago." She then nodded in agreement and said, "Yeah, probably like the 1980's, right?" I couldn't help myself and immediately began laughing. 

The minds of children always fascinate me. I have very much enjoyed trying to find creative ways to reach them and to teach them—in particular sharing the teachings of yoga to my daughter in simple and fun ways. 

I was very fortunate to have taken the training for Radiant Child Yoga and it helped me become a less rigid teacher to my child and a more spontaneous and playful mom—something I am very grateful for. In one of my early trainings I shared one of the cool things I had been doing with my daughter for quite some time that my teacher and peers seemed to enjoy: I shared how I taught the concept of the eighth chakra, or the aura, to my daughter.

“The Circumvent Force, the entire force which is the aura around us, the God Light that protects us, is the eighth living center or the current around us.”
-Yogi Bhajan 2/22/86       

Ever since my daughter was in pre-school, each morning before she leaves the house for school or for camp in the summer, I ask her to create what we call a "boundary bubble" around her. I have her sit with me and I ask her to close her eyes and envision her bright, magical boundary bubble around herself—her bright aura.

She gets to pick what color she wants it to be for the day. Mine is usually pink and hers is usually some blend like “tie-dye rainbow” or “purple, pink, teal-ish- blue-ish, and white” as it was recently. She also mentioned recently that she likes to bring an animal, her favorite person, and her favorite mantra into the bubble with her. Recently she brought me, ‘Ma-Ma,’ a lion, and the mantra Aadays Tisai Aadays.

We then imagine we are decorating our boundary bubble with stickers we like and glitter, sparkles and such—like a little cozy room of happiness all around us filled with all of the magical things we love.

I tell her that any time she feels sad, lonely, angry or frustrated, she can close her eyes and find her way back into this safe aura or boundary bubble. I guide her to put one hand on her heart and one hand over her belly when she gets back into this safe space and ask her to inhale and exhale three to five times, or in her words, "smell the flower and blow the leaf,"—an idea she learned from doing Radiant Child Yoga at school.

This tool has seemed to help her along the way. Believe it or not, she has already been up against bullies as early as kindergarten! While she has a strong circle of helpful and supportive awesome little friends, I want her to always feel like she can stand on her own two feet, secure in her own being and peaceful in her own space.

To me this was the most fun and childlike way I could share what the aura is to my daughter, not to mention teaching her about the powerful gift of boundaries, having her own space, and expecting respect from others within that space while also respecting the space of others.

“The Eighth Chakra is located in the aura, the magnetic field generated by a human being that surrounds him or her up to nine feet in every direction. The quality of the aura reveals the personality in the projection of power or the depression of defeat.”
-Aquarian Teacher Training Manual, April, 1989

I remember being out in California during teacher training and practicing The Divine Shield Meditation for Protection and Positivity. It was by far one of the most profound meditations I have ever experienced. I recall opening my eyes at the end of the practice and for the first time in my life, I was able to see my own aura around me! I had seen other people’s auras before, but never my own. I could see the big bright protective bubble of light around me. Talk about feeling positively protected! It was an experience that still renders me speechless.

I will say what my teachers have always said to me, “Don’t just believe me, try it yourself.” This meditation can be practiced for 11-31 minutes and you can build the meditation on each side to a total of 62 minutes. This meditation can protect you from the impact of your own past actions by tuning you into the heart center, expanding your aura, and connecting you to the universal field, giving you a sense of courage and protection.

The Divine Shield Meditation for Protection & Positivity uses the sound current “MAAA” which is described as follows:

“The sound of MAAA calls on compassion and protection. It is the sound that a baby uses to call on the mother. Here, your soul is the child, and the Universe becomes the Mother. If you call, She will come to your aid and comfort. When this shield is strong, it is easy to sense the tide of the Universe, the Tao. You become spontaneous and vital as you move in rhythm with the greater reality, of which you are a part.”
-The Aquarian Teacher Training Manual

I was practicing yoga this morning at the studio I work at and the teacher often asks that we set an intention for our practice. My intention of late has been the word, “Surrender.” I have come to realize that in order to fully surrender we must have positive thoughts so that we can open ourselves to a positive life. And then, when life presents itself, we must be expanded and feel a sense of security; we must feel safe in the hands of the Universe, God and Mother Earth, and this is why it is so crucial to nurture our aura—so that we may have trust and surrender to the beautiful, bountiful and blissful life that awaits us.

“Trust is the keynote of life. If you trust in God, the entire creativity will trust you because everything belongs to God. Trust is the key—of love, happiness, dignity, divinity and grace.”
-Yogi Bhajan 7/9/81 

Bhavanjot Kaur is the owner and founder of Hamsa Healing Arts located in Centerbrook, CT. Bhavanjot is a Kundalini yoga teacher and Radiant Child Yoga Teacher. Bhavanjot is a Reiki Master practitioner and Teacher, Craniosacral therapy practitioner, Raindrop therapy massage practitioner and she also offers sound therapy with a 32" Paiste Symphonic Gong. Bhavanjot is a consultant for essential oils, medicinal mushrooms and CBD oil. She is mother to a delightful seven-year-old little girl who overcame a rare childhood kidney cancer, which inspires her work with Lucy's Love Bus and the Connecticut Cancer Foundation.