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Auras in Harmony

By Narinder Bazen Khalsa

I experience auras as songs. Some people have a vibration about them that is like a lullaby, their company is calming. It brings rest. Others have auras like a marching band blasting enthusiasm. There are auras like melancholy sonatas, auras like anthems, auras with dissonance, and auras like sacred hymns. If you have a keen ear, you can hear each tune before the person speaks.

Like a radio signal, our auras send and receive songs. We long for harmony. Yogi Bhajan said, “Your aura is determined by what you vibrate. Whatever your mental thoughts are, that is your aura and that is the color of your aura.”

So what if our ego is consistently singing the blues? That is coloring our aura; that is our projection and our magnetic call. I know this song well. I was born with a strong negative mind. Depression has often been a slippery slope that I ‘Keep Up’ on.  I have seen my ego change the hue of my presence and the experiences of my interaction with others. Auras don’t lie. I’d like to have an uplifting projection and have learned to compose this through my Sadhana.

I personally love the Removing Body Blocks Kriya for this. It can bring a sound mind. Its intense movements shake the dismal feelings from my field so that I can tune in to whatever frequency I desire. After I finish the Kriya I sense my cleared field and I carefully choose the sounds I put into it. I chant mantra and sense the frequencies coloring my aura.

Begin with the body. Start at the heart. Raise the heart rate. It can beat out the ghostly thought patterns like a Shaman’s drum. Shake the shoulders free, let the back twist, let the lungs expand. Have a dancing release. Then as the breathing comes back to its natural state, listen. What is echoing in your aura? Take note, is it clear? Is it ready for the harmony you are longing for?

May our auras sing to each other a soothing song. Let there be harmony. Sing!

Narinder Bazen Khalsa lives in Atlanta with her husband Brahamjot Singh. She is an artist, a Kundalini Yoga teacher, and a Home Funeral Guide.