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KRI on the Aquarian Sadhana

By Nirvair Singh Khalsa

An aspect of Summer Solstice Sadhana that is always a highlight for attendees, is early morning group Sadhana. Live music from our wonderful 3ho musicians and hundreds of yogis bathing in the sound current! It is, simply, a beautiful experience.

KRI gets questions about the Aquarian Sadhana. Is there a new Sadhana? Did Yogi Bhajan leave instructions to anyone for a new Sadhana?

KRI has made extensive inquiries into this question. Yogi Bhajan did not leave anything with his Staff or with anyone else about a new Sadhana after 11/11/11. The only instruction that Yogi Bhajan left for us was that we could continue the current Aquarian Sadhana, exactly as he taught it, or KRI could decide to change it. Our KRI Teacher Trainer Executive Committee, comprised of teacher trainers from all over the world, met about this topic and decided that we would keep doing the Aquarian Sadhana, with no changes, indefinitely.

No changes to the overall structure of the Sadhana or to the order, positions, mudras or mantras in the meditation. There is no alternate version of the Aquarian Sadhana. So, you can continue to use your favorite Sadhana music as well as look forward to many new versions from our wonderful musicians! If you would like to know the history of our 3HO early morning Sadhana, there is a great write up in our most popular manual, Kundalini Yoga Sadhana Guidelines, 2nd Edition.

Nirvair Singh Khalsa began studying with Yogi Bhajan in 1971. He is a retired University Instructor at the University of Alaska Anchorage where he taught classes in Kundalini Yoga for 31 years. He has authored nineteen best selling DVD's/Videos and four books on Kundalini Yoga as taught by Yogi Bhajan. ( He has also taught classes, workshops and trainings throughout the Americas, Europe and Asia. Currently he is the CEO and President of The Kundalini Research Institute. He is a Yoga Alliance E-RYT 500 certified teacher trainer. He lives with his wife of 40 years, Nirvair Kaur, in Tesuque New Mexico.