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3 Stroke Breath for Health, Energy, and Radiance

Originally taught on June 11, I998

"We are responsible for our health and energy. We must be radiant. And breath, Pavan, is the source of life. How much prana we get through this exercise depends on how much we consciously participate."
–Yogi Bhajan

Posture: Sit in Easy Pose with a straight spine, chin in, chest lifted.

Mudra: Clasp your hands together without interlacing your fingers. Lock your palms together by overlapping the fingers of each hand and crossing the thumbs. The fingers of the right hand are on top of the left hand and the fingers of the left hand wrap the outside of the right hand. Hold the hands at the center of the chest, the heart center.

Eyes: Close your eyes.

Breath: Inhale in three strokes through the mouth (1 second per stroke = 3 second inhale) and with each stroke tighten and relax the grip of the two hands very consciously. You are creating a pulse at the hands, which coincides with the stroke of the breath. Exhale through the nose in one stroke (1 second). The hands remain clasped on the exhalation, but you do not squeeze them.

Time: Continue for 15 minutes.

To Finish:
Inhale, hold the breath for 15-20 seconds and make your grip very tight. Squeeze your entire body; bring energy to a central balance system. Cannon fire the breath out. Inhale, hold the breath for 15-20 seconds and bring your shoulders, your arms, your feet, your sitting, your spine, the whole thing into one solid iron-like state. Cannon fire the breath out. Inhale, hold the breath for 15-20 seconds and do nothing, just hold the breath with your will. Breathe out. Relax.

©The Teachings of Yogi Bhajan

This pranayam meditation can be found in the manual Praanaa Praanee Praanayam, available through KRI.