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Pulse Meditation

This is a good meditation to help you get in touch with the inner self. It will also help if you are scattered and want to settle down, or if you are already quiet and want to go deep into the core of yourself. It’s a good meditation for beginners and to develop the ability of concentration in action. It allows you to control your reaction to any situation and can bring sweetness and one-pointedness to the most scattered mind.

Sit in Easy Pose with a light jalandhar bandh.

Focus the lightly closed eyes at the Brow Point.

With the four fingers of the right hand, feel the pulse on the left wrist.

Place the fingers in a straight line, lightly, so that you can feel the pulse in each fingertip.

On each beat of the heart, mentally hear the sound "Sat Naam."

Continue for 11 – 31 minutes.

© KRI. This kriya is courtesy of YB Teachings, LLC. Used with permission.

(This meditation is also called Learning to Meditate. It can be found on LOT, in the Ten Light Bodies of Consciousness, and in the KRI International Teacher Training Manual Level 1.)

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