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Questions and Answers about Chanting

What is the real goal of the chanting we do in meditation?

The ultimate state of mind is called anahat—the Infinite Unstruck Sound or vibration. It brings intuition, inner strength, and the capacity to be completely open to do what you must do as a unique part of the totality of Being. In this state you are joyful, truthful, compassionate, and relaxed. Each time you perfect a mantra or shabad, you are like a master musician who can evoke these elevated states of being from the instrument of self.

Haw does chanting achieve this?

Chanting is a science called one-star spirituality which tunes and attunes you. Think of yourself as a Divine instrument with strings. When you chant, the vibration of the strings causes all thirty trillion cells of your body to resonate, to dance, forming the patterns that shape you physically, emotionally and men­ tally.

You are created with seventy-two surs or strings. They vary in dominance over a seventy-two hour period. The Crown Chakra, the thousand-petalled lotus, impacts each of these strings with a thousand-fold vibration. Hence you have 72,000 vibratory impacts that send energy throughout and create your system.

The central tuning string is the main vagus nerve of the para­ sympathetic system which is called the ik tara—one star. It acts as a tuning drone for all the other strings. When the central channel of the sushmuna in the spine is activated and the two support channels of ida and pingala move with it, the entire system begins to vibrate.

When you chant, at first it is conscious and out loud, then it becomes mental. If the rhythm is right and your concentration and surrender to its pulse is practiced, then your central nervous system vibrates it and you simply listen. Anahat is that state in which your nervous system vibrates the mantra without your conscious effort and the mantra is attuned to the Infinite. You vibrate in concert with a pattern beyond anything you could create from your finite self or ego.

What about silence? Isn't that the ultimate?

Silence is filled with anahat. The inner silence is the silence of the ego, when the mind vibrates silently in perfect unison with the unlimited self. When you chant, the nervous system becomes synchronized, and the flow of thoughts moves with the higher self. Then the ego relaxes, and the mantra is vibrated by every cell. You let go and are truly silent. In that silence you can feel, hear, and act on the call of the soul.

Why do we draw so heavily on the Sikh tradition for the mantras that we use in Kundalinl Yoga?

Those mantras just happen to be correct mantras. It's not because they come from the Sikh tradition. The mantra, "God and Me, Me and God, are One" you will not find anywhere, but it works. It is an ashtang mantra. The sound is correct so we use it. It doesn't have to only be in Gurmukhi (the vibratory language of the Siri Guru Granth Sahib). I draw correct mantras from wherever I can. There are tons of mantras. I only use those which I know will be very elementary and will work.

Excerpts from The KRI Aquarian Teacher Training Level 1 Manual