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Mahan Jaap: Attuning to Group Energy

In this meditation the individual will become sensitized on a new level so that he or she will respond to the energy in the group. Each person is a part of the greater energy balance. Chanting will happen in response to the shift of the total group energy.

This meditation requires a very perfect concentration, and it would be best if the group has already exercised and achieved a meditative state before starting a Mahan Jaap.

Posture: Sit attentively. It is not necessary for the group to sit in a circle, though they may.

Eyes: Meditate at the Brow Point, with the eyes closed.

Mantra: The group begins chanting the punj shabd Sa Ta Na Ma all together. Then the teacher begins the next section, chanting Sa Ta Na Ma alone. After the teacher chants, someone else immediately picks up the chant as the first person ends.

Members of the group alternate, maintaining a constant brisk rhythm, making each cycle 2-1/2 to 3 seconds. As the group begins chanting in a staggered manner, anyone can pick up the chant at any time; it does not move in a sequential order, nor does it move around the circle.

Time: Continue for 11 – 31 minutes. At the instruction of the teacher, resume chanting all together.

To End: Inhale, exhale. Relax.

Ultimately, the individual activity merges with the group activity, with no difference between them, since it is the energy focus of the group that shifts and causes someone to chant. Some may chant more than one time, while others may not chant at all.

A very delicate and sublime sensitivity will be developed in this process. The effect of the chant is that you are multiplied by the total number of people participating plus twice the number squared. This number times each japa, or meditative repetition, equals the effect. This means the effect of a few hundred thousand repetitions can be achieved in a moderate size group in a short time.

© 3HO. This kriya is courtesy of YB Teachings, LLC. Used with permission.