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Na Sattrai, Na Mittrai

This mantra builds a shield of protection around you. It brings an experience of inner confirmation of the true reality, the Infinite within you.

Na sattrai. Na mittrai. Na bhannang. Na bhittrai.

Na kannang. Na kaa-ay. Ajunmang. Ajaa-ay.

Na chitrai. Na mittrai. Paray hai(n). Pavittrai.

Pritheesai. Adeesai. Adrisai. Akrisai.


"You have no enmity with anyone, and also no friendship.

You also have no delusion or fear.

Oh Lord, You are neither subject to the effect of Karma,

Nor do You take birth on that account.

You never take birth.

You were not born of a woman.

No one can draw Your picture.

You have no friend.

You remain aloof from the creation, and are pure and perfect.

Oh Lord, You are the Master of the earth.

You are the Master right from the beginning.

You are invisible. You are never weakened."

-From Mantra: Personal Guidance through the Power of the Word by Bibiji Inderjit Kaur Khalsa

A musical version of this mantra can be found on Spirit Voyage.